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America's Schools Program

What is the America’s Schools program?
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America’s Schools is a cooperative program between the International School Licensing Corporation (ISLC) and the school boards association within each participating state. It utilizes corporate partnerships to help provide additional funding for K-12 educational programs such as drama, music, sports and computers.

What is the significance when a school agrees to participate in this program?

Participating schools become eligible to share revenues generated by the Program. They agree to show their support for the Program by displaying the program symbol. Sponsorship revenue and commissions are generated by licensing the Symbol to corporations who agree to pay licensing fees.

What are some other ways that participating schools can show their support?

Examples of support are:

What are the pros and cons of a school that chooses to participate in this program?


excerpt from What’s in a Name? The Corporate Branding of America’s Schools posted at :

A novel and more subtle variation of the naming rights strategy emerged in 2001 in the form of the International School Licensing Corp., a sort of cross-promotional effort between schools and business. Under the program, corporations donate a percentage of sales to be distributed to schools. In return, they receive the right to display a star-shaped “America’s Schools” logo on their products. Participating schools earn donations by displaying the logo “in school materials, on Web sites or school newspapers, on purchase orders and in letters to the local PTA.”31 ISLC teamed up with state school board associations to create the program. For corporations, the program is a way of winning goodwill–and, they hope, more revenue. “People will buy their products because they support their schools,” the program’s director told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


In July 2003, the Texas Association of School Boards authorized termination of an agreement with International School Licensing Corporation for the “America’s Schools” Program.

Detroit News article:

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