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Area Code Maps

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This collection of links to area code maps covers the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and U.S. territories included in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).

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U.S. and Canada Linc Madison
U.S. and Canada [pdf] @comm
U.S. and Canada [pdf]
United States North American Numbering Plan Administrator
    Northeastern U.S.
      Connecticut NANPA
      Maine NANPA
      Massachusetts NANPA
      Massachusetts [pdf] Mass. CIS
      New Hampshire NANPA
      New Hampshire
      New York NANPA
      New York
        New York City
      Vermont NANPA
      Rhode Island NANPA
      Rhode Island
    Mid-Atlantic U.S.
      D.C. NANPA
      Delaware NANPA
      Maryland NANPA
      New Jersey NANPA
      New Jersey
      Pennsylvania NANPA
      Virginia NANPA
      West Virginia NANPA
      West Virginia
      West Virginia
    Southeastern U.S.
      Alabama NANPA
      Arkansas NANPA
      Florida NANPA
      Florida Florida PSC
      Georgia NANPA
      Louisiana NANPA
      Mississippi NANPA
      North Carolina NANPA
      North Carolina
      South Carolina NANPA
      South Carolina
      Tennessee NANPA
    Great Lakes States
      Illinois NANPA
      Illinois: [Wayback archive] Ameritech
        Chicago Ameritech
      Indiana NANPA
      Indiana Telecom Indiana
         area code 219 Telecom Indiana
         area code 260 Telecom Indiana
         area code 317 Telecom Indiana
         area code 574 Telecom Indiana
         area code 765 Telecom Indiana
         area code 812 Telecom Indiana
      Kentucky NANPA
      Kentucky [pdf] Kentucky PSC
      Kentucky U. S. Bankruptcy Court
      Michigan NANPA
      Michigan Barry County Telephone Company
        616/269 Barry County Telephone Company
      Ohio NANPA
      Wisconsin NANPA
        262 Wisconsin Online
    Upper Midwestern States
      Iowa NANPA
      Iowa (515/641) Jefferson Telephone Company
      Minnesota NANPA
         Minneapolis area Minesota Department of Commerce
      Missouri NANPA
         area code 314
         metro calling area
Missouri PSC
         area code 314 [pdf] Missouri PSC
         area code 417 [pdf] Missouri PSC
         area code 573 [pdf] Missouri PSC
         area code 636 [pdf] Missouri PSC
         area code 660 [pdf] Missouri PSC
         area code 816 [pdf] Missouri PSC
         area codes 314/636
         metro calling area
Missouri PSC
      Nebraska NANPA
      North Dakota NANPA
      North Dakota
      South Dakota NANPA
      South Dakota
    Lower Midwestern States
      Arizona NANPA
      Colorado NANPA
      Kansas NANPA
      Kansas Kansas Corporation Commissions
      New Mexico NANPA
      New Mexico
      Oklahoma NANPA
      Texas NANPA
        Dallas/Fort Worth
      Utah NANPA
    Pacific Northwestern U.S.
      Idaho NANPA
      Montana NANPA
      Oregon NANPA
      Washington NANPA
      Wyoming NANPA
    California & Nevada
      California NANPA
        Northern California NANPA
        Northern California
        Southern California NANPA
        Southern California
      Nevada NANPA
Canada Canada Number Administrator
      British Columbia
      Newfoundland &
      New Brunswick
      Northwest Territories
      Nova Scotia
      Prince Edward Island
      Yukon Territory
Regional Maps
Southwest US Qwest
Caribbean area code map Linc Madison
Caribbean & Pacific
      Alaska NANPA
      Hawaii NANPA

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