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I visited the web site of the Better Business Bureau of Central/Northern Arizona at to get a report on a magazine subscription service in Phoenix. I clicked on the "Find a company or charity" link, entered in the name of the company and clicked on the submit button.

Several companies with similar names came back, so in order to keep that page visible, I right-clicked on one of the links to open up the link in another window. Lo and behold, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the clever folks in charge of the website, with a notice that I needed to get permission to use the BBB logo. (Bizarrely, this code is only implemented on the BBB report results page.)

I fully understand that the Better Business Bureau has the right to protect its trademarked logo from being used to misrepresent a business as a BBB member. However, this fails to achieve that effect, creates a nuisance for persons who have no intention of infringing on the Better Business Bureau's intellectual propety, and violates an array of laws by modifying the behavior of my browser, to wit, by altering the function of the right mouse button.

I think there are all of about 3 webmasters in all of North America who would be deterred from downloading an image by javascript code which traps the right mouse click. Anyway, to show how stupid this is, I downloaded some of these precious BBB logos and have attached them below (you'll have to trust me that I downloaded these from the page on which right-clicks were blocked).

Lest there be any claim that by posting these logos someplace where they may be downloaded from (again, notwithstanding that the right-click blocking isn't implemented on other BBB pages which contain these images) that I am aiding and abetting the improper use of the BBB's intellectual propety, please note that will provide access to a variety of easily-downloaded BBB logos.

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