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Well, I suppose there are plenty of things to be unhappy with about airlines these days... surcharges for overweight bags, elimination of complimentary food, all of this stuff of course done in the name of keeping air fares down. Right!

The ticket confirmation tells you that food is available for purchase, and sure enough, when you get on board, they announce something like the "Skyway Cafe". This is such a joke... the most substantive food item is a granola bar, which is about $3.50. Chips sell at about 25 cents a piece (in packages of 15).

However, before you get on board, the gate personnel suggests you buy some food in the airport, because food will not be available on board... they're actually providing a useful bit of misinformation, even though this can make things a bit confusing.

The other gripe I have about ATA airlines is seat assignments. In my instance, I attempted to change the seat assignment on my return trip using their web site. The site refused to allow this, saying that this option was only available up until 24 hours before scheduled departure, yet it was 25 hours before scheduled departure.

When I called the airline, I was given some phony baloney that randomly, customers are permitted or not permitted to select seats before they get to the airport. Later, I attempted to select my seat using the online check-in page. At first, this failed, stating I would have to wait until I checked in at the airport for a seat assignment, but when I identified my reservation by reservation code (rather than by frequent flier number), I was able to change my seat assignment.

When I emailed customer service, their explanation is that they really have no idea why the computer allows or doesn't allow the passenger to change the seat assignment, but when this happens, they deliberately fail to inform the passenger that the software is broken, and just tell them that the assignemnt can only be done after they get to the airport.

I realize that that CSRs are just doing their best to work with broken software systems, but there is clearly plenty of incompetence to go around at ATA.

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