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AT&T Imposes WeSaySo Fee

Earl Sinclair of the Dinosaurs TV show worked for the WeSaySo Corporation.

WeSaySo was able to make up rules and have them apply because, well, because they said so.

AT&T has begun its own version of the WeSaySo approach, in the form of a Regulatory Assessment Fee which applies anynth in which you have any AT&T interstate or international charges on your bill, effective 7/1/2003.

Quoting AT&T's web site: "his fee is not a tax or charge required by the government."

AT&ampT customer service isn't always up to speed on this. In a call I placed today to 800-222-0300, the customer service rep insisted that it was mandated by athe government.

We could ask the FCC to take action against AT&T, perhaps demanding that they train their agents better, or fining them for fraudulently representing that it in fact is a tax. But there's a Catch 22: if the FCC did fine AT&T, they'd just raise the Regulatory Assessment Fee to cover the fine... and then some.

For information on other AT&T recurring monthly and minimum charges, see Att Loyalty Fees web search for Att Loyalty Fees.

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