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Posted Sat May 17, 2003 7:57 pm by SamBam
subject: Questionable Practices From American Express

I opened a checking account with American Express several months ago in order to take advantage of a bonus offer. I maintained the account for the agreed upon time period having opened the account using the web link which advertised the bonus offer. When the bonus did not appear on my account I contacted the bank to inquire. A CSR told me that it would be posted and gave me an approximate time to look for the deposit. After additional time passed I called again. This time I was told to send a copy of the offer to the bank. Having my fill with the excuses I asked to speak to management. After an extensive wait I sopke with a manager who informed me that I had an money market account in 2000 and thus I was not a new customer to the bank and I did not meet the standards for the promotion. My complaint is that the bank should have advised me much sooner than the 90 days into the account period that there would be a problem paying out the bonus. Essentially they held my money, having accepted my application submitted using their website "gateway" for the bonus program and they failed to flag the account at opening. For 90 days my funds earned no interest and no bonus. Finally, since when is someone who has no relationship with a bank for three years (2000 to 2003) not a new account?? Particularly, I had opened a checking account and had previously had a money market. Be careful folks this bank is slick and not to be trusted.

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