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The infomercial for the Balance Bracelet is just wonderful.

They don't waste time with mumbo jumbo explaining how it works; they just offer testimonials of people who have had success with it.

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully:

Rarely someone experiences a mild headache after switching his/her bracelet to a new site. This is an indication that you need to move your bracelet to a different site. Leave the bracelet on for at least 45 days before deciding if you have noticed benefits. For many, results are subtle at first and may take 4 or more weeks to be recognized.

Do not allow any other metallic jewelry to come into contact with the bracelet. If you take your bracelet off, do not set it on any type of metal surface (wash machine) for more than a few minutes and do not place it in your jewelry box with other metals or in your pocket with coins, as metallic contact could make your bracelet less effective.

Isn't it worth giving this a try to avoid chronic pains? With the money-back guarantee, your only risk is the cost of shipping and handling!



Balance Bracelet
a division of NHS (Nutritional Health Services LLC)
638 Island Circle East
St. Helena, SC 29920
phone: 800-224-8912
phone: 843-838-4672
founder: Marge Berger

home of Nutritional Health Services

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 nhs_home.jpg view update 39515 25 Oct 2003 - 04:55 EliMantel web search for EliMantel home of Nutritional Health Services

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