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This involves the following business:

Best Western Galleria Inn Redondo Beach
formerly: Travelodge Redondo Beach Galleria Inn
2740 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
phone: 310-370-4353
fax: 310-793-7135

This hotel is part of:

Courtesy Hotels
an entity under SDP Hospitality Group
aka SPD Investments Inc.
640 W. Manchester Boulevard
Inglewood, CA 90301
phone: 310-673-5550

Other hotels in this group include:

The gist of our complaint is two-fold:

  1. When contacting Best Western Guest Relations to report a problem with a hotel, Best Western relays the guest's name to the management of the hotel. Based on our experience, the policy of this hotel is to deal with those guests by kicking them out.
  2. The Best Western chain, being a "membership organization", disclaims any responsibility to resolve problems. Any problems a customer has with a Best Western hotel are between the customer and the hotel. Best Western will not intervene nor will it make any substantial effort to make the customer happy. Other experiences that demonstrate this policy are to be found in the links below.


Media stories about Best Western:

Opinions about Best Western:


Reading through the various comments, there's a common thread. Some people have good experiences, and some people have bad experiences, but when they report bad experiences, the typical response is for the hotel to express indifference.

These comments are hardly a scientifically valid or even representative sample, but nonetheless, it's easy to understand why Best Western hotel operators might tend to be more indifferent to customer complaints than other hotels would:

Hotels which are part of an "owned and operated" chain are harmed every time a customer has an unhappy experience by the possibility that the customer will not return.

When customers report bad experiences about a franchised operation (*not* Best Western), that puts the franchisee's continued operation as a franchisee at risk, a significant incentive to keep customers happy.

Nor are operators of non-chain hotels in a position to snub their noses at unhappy customers; reputation of the individual hotel is all they have to go on to keep customers coming back.

While Best Western hotels can lose their membership status, Best Western International is essentially a rogue opeation. The member hotel operators, as members of the Best Western organization, have chosen to avoid having rigorous standards. These hotel operators aren't required to comply with any specific standards and losing membership status is relatively unusual. The individual Best Western hotel operator doesn't have much to worry about if it makes a customer unhappy, because it's able to count on the Best Western name continuing to bring in reservations.

The bottom line is that the Best Western operator has a lot less to lose than most other hotel operators when a customer is unhappy. For that reason alone, your Best Bet is to avoid Best Western.

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