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Deceptive offer received from Chase USA dba Chase Prestige Credit Card Services

This offer is actually made by Reunion Group web search for Reunion Group.

In each instance where the word "upgrade" is used, it's enclosed in quotation marks. That's their admission that it's not an actual upgrade, they're just calling it one.

Why would you want to give these folks $49 every year... see their explanation at Chase Prestige Credit Card Features web search for Chase Prestige Credit Card Features.

Addition: They employ highly deceptive bait-and-switch tactics. In the original mailing I received from them, they listed as one of the benefits that I would be able to buy movie tickets with the card at any theater, then mail proof of purchase to them, and they would credit the account with 50% of the purchase price.

I signed up, and when I received the official membership guide, the movie ticket benefit was very different: it now said that I had to call a 1-800 number to request an order form, which would list discounted ticket voucher packages for the major theater chains, which I could order and then use at the listed theaters.

When I called customer service, they said they had no idea what caused the discrepancy, but in fact the original information I had received (and on which I had based my decision to sign up) was incorrect. There may have been other differences from the advertised benefits, I didn't take the time to go through them all, I just cancelled the plan at that point. On the plus side, they allowed me to cancel very easily, and said my membership fee would be returned.

This is definitely a scam, do not fall for their deceptive practices!

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