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Panning the Cheesecake Factory
Here's the way their Jambalaya is described on the menu:

Our most popular seafood dish! Shrimp and Chicken Sauteed with Onions, Tomato and Peppers in a Very Spicy Cajun Sauce. All on top of Fresh Linguini. Also Available over Rice

I'll quote the Star Tribune on my feelings on the Cajun Jambalaya, touted as their "most popular seafood dish":

... The Cajun jambalaya ($15.95) tasted as if some dry hot-spice-mix had been randomly sprinkled over chunks of flavorless chicken and shrimp

I need to clarify a bit what was the problem here...

  1. The menu item described the Jambalaya as being in a "very spicy" sauce.
  2. Of course, the issue of whether this entree actually had the sauce as described wasn't the fundamental issue... the issue was whether the food prepared was reasonably appealing. Although this is subjective, it is clear to me that the food I received was not appealing, and would generally not be appealing to someone who was familiar with typical Jambalaya dishes.

I want to make it clear that my interaction with restaurant personnel was courteous. Since I had some Jambalaya left over, they offered to make some sauce to take with me to go along with the jambalaya. I accepted this offer, but this really misses the point: the jambalaya as prepared was not appealing to me and it is unlikely that it would have been appealing to most people who would order it.

Here are my demands:

  1. Cheesecake Factory must first determine whether or not the dish I received was properly prepared.
  2. If it was prepared improperly, they owe me a dinner.
  3. If it was prepared properly, they must not make false or unsupported claims:

the BBB pans the Cheesecake Factory too

The Better Business Bureau doesn't actually rate the quality of the Cheesecake Factory's food. But as of the date of this writing, the Cheesecake Factory's headquarters and at least one its restaurants have received unsatisfactory ratings:

In the interest of fairness, here is the Cheesecake Factory Response web search for Cheesecake Factory Response.

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