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ChoicePoint is a set of companies that provides rpeorts about consumers for sale to businesses that are willing to pay for that information.

This is similar to what credit bureaus do, but the nature of the information is different. For instance, insurance companies are interestede in insurance claims filed, landlords are interested in whether there have been complaints against tenants, employers want to know if candidates are hiding any information about their past employment.

The recently-effective Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) requires that as a consumer reporting agency (CRA), ChoicePoint must disclose the contents of their files to consumers upon request. It also requires that businesses that obtain such reports notify the affected consumer of this right.

So if you apply for insurance, you may receive a notice that you have a right to receive this disclosure by contacting ChoicePoint. When I called them, they mailed me a notice with the instructions as to how to ge this disclosure, depending on whether or not there was an "adverse action" based on the report they provided.

In my case, there was no adverse action. So the instructions they sent me indicated I needed to mail them a request to get the form to request a file disclosure... honestly.

I sent in that request, now I've received the form. All I have to do is send this in, and within a couple of weeks, I should have the information about me from their files.

OK, this is compliance with the law, of a sort. It's also failure to comply with the spirit of the law. Presumably they'll save some money because only a few people will go through these multiple hurdles to get the information guaranteed to them under Federal law.

Can you order this stuff online? If not, why not? Can you at least get the forms online, instead of having to write away to have them sent to you? Are these folks kidding???

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