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Commonwealth Marketing Group
aka USA Gold Card
aka USA Credit Superstore
aka USACredit Superstore
aka USA Credit Super Store
aka USACredit Super Store
aka Cruise Marketing Group

It seems that around 1998, the FTC took action against a company offering vacation certificates that went by the name of Commonwealth Marketing Group.

That same name is being used to market the "USA Gold Card" credit card... but like so many other credit cards that promise high credit lines to people regardless of their credit history, it can only be used to purchase from selected merchants, and is not a "general purpose" card like a Visa or Mastercard.

Same folks? Robert Kane was involved with the earlier scam that resulted in action by the FTC, and he's involved in this one as well. It seems he has no interest in hiding his past. :-)

We received our solicitation in a spam that took us to a site owned by Extreme Marketing Group. Who knows what the relationship is.

address: One Millennium Dr, Uniontown, PA 15401
phone: 724-437-3707
888-570-9823(for regulatory agencies: compliance officer Jacqueline Joseph)
fax: 724-430-2898

web site:
web site:
web site:
web site:

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