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This web page contains information captured from Credicorp's web site has no connection with Credicorp. Persons considering doing business with Credicorp should verify this information with that specified on the Credicorp web site since that information may have subsequently changed. This information is © 2004 CREDICORP, Inc. and is reproduced here without permission under the fair use doctrine.

Member Testimonials

Earl P of Merchantville, NJ writes:

I am so proud that you chose me as a CREDICORP member and I hope I can be a customer for a long time.

Andrew G of Pittsfield, MS writes:

I made several calls to your customer service department and I spoke with a nice lady. She was very prompt, helpful, and generally a joy to speak with. I felt like I was being treated like a human being. She worked with me to get my rebate for a product. She was very pleasant throughout the entire conversation in spite of my aggravation. I want to thank her for making a difference!

Robert S of Detriot, MI. writes:

I was fed up with all of these fraud companies and thought I was taken for a ride. I sent in my membership fee to CREDICORP just to see if it was a scam. A few days later, I received a package with a lot of good information in it. It was really true. This is a company where I can shop from home and re-establish my credit. I really like my stereo!

Marlon S of Sunnyvale, CA writes:

This is to inform you that I received my typewriter and camera. I have tried both products and I am satisfied with them. I thank you for your concerns. I am looking forward to a fruitful relationship between us in the years ahead. Thanks CREDICORP!

Gloria B of Terre Haute, ID writes:

I have got to say that I really enjoyed looking through your catalog. It was so hard to decide what to order. There are so many things I would like to have. I just want to say "Thank You" for making shopping at home so easy!

Thomas R of Pawleys Island, SC writes:

Thank you for my VCR, it is the best VCR I have ever had. I am enjoying it very much. I still want to order a camcorder from you. I am still looking for the one I want, as soon as I find the right one I will send you the papers you need for it. Thank you again!

Joe H of Staten Island, NY writes:

I am sending you this thank you letter to tell you how happy I am with your products. Again, thank you so very much!

Angela M of Savannah, GA writes:

When calling CREDICORP to find out exactly what type of items I would find in the catalog, I spoke with a very pleasant Customer Service Representative and wanted to applaud her service. I am not sure of the last name, but her first name is Ashton. As you may have experienced good customer service is hard to find! Again Thanks!

Michael T of Los Angeles, CA writes:

I really appreciate my recent order!

Mildred P of Cincinnati, OH writes:

I want to thank all of you for allowing me to purchase items through CREDICORP I'll try to do everything that's right.

Richard A of West Minster, CA writes:

Being a new member, I was confused as to how to place an order. I want to commend Veronica for being so helpful to me. She had a very good "telephone etiquette." When I was finished and I hung up, I FELT GOOD! Thank you for Veronica!!!

Marsha W of Greenville, NC writes:

Thank you so very much for all your personal attention! You made me, a CREDICORP customer, feel special that the President really cares about my concerns! This is so important in today's world where so many businesses are so automated you would be lucky to get a form letter from the CEO. I really appreciated how wonderful you are and I praise your Board of Directors and their devotion to CREDICORP.

Donzell F of Sacramento, CA writes:

It is a great pleasure to talk to you and write you. When I am upset, you always calm me down. You are always nice. You are doing a great job. I hope you are there for a long time. I like everything I ordered (62 pc. Flatware, Chef Secrets Cookware, 52pc Corelle Set, Cluster earrings, Cluster Pendant, 10K Waterfall Ring and my 12 Diamond Ladies Quartz watch). I just love my ring! You always make my day. Tell your boss, they have a good worker. I'll be talking to you soon!

Mariela R of Dumont, NJ writes:

I wrote CREDICORP a letter requesting a refund. I spoke with the President of the company. She was very cordial and convinces me to try the program. She also offered me a free gift and a free gift certificate, just to try the program. I decided to stay and go with the program.

I really appreciated their concerns!

Thanh M of San Jose, CA writes:

I am glad to notify you that I sent in my information for your Easy-Payment-Plan offer. I thought about paying my bills through this plan. It is safe, it is smart and it is simple. I really appreciate you offering this kind of service.

Melissa H of Imperial Beach, CA writes:

I called CREDICORP and talked to a representative by the name of Camilla. She was so helpful. She explained what I received and how I could use all of the wonderful benefits of the company. I really appreciate the nice service.

Fernando B of San Diego, CA writes:

I spoke with a lady by the name of Carolyn about not receiving my Membership package. She verified all my information and convinced me she will personally take care of it and ship it right away. She was very professional and polite. I can really tell she cares about her members.

Thanks you Carolyn. I look forward to shopping from my home!

Denise O of Shreveport, LA. writes:

Thank you CREDICORP for offering me a wonderful program. Now I can shop from home and rebuild my credit at the same time. You have some wonderful products.

Milton P of Peoria, IL. writes:

I do not know how you got my name and address, but I really appreciate you giving me a chance to buy all these wonderful products.

Earl P of Camden, NJ writes:

I, Earl P. think that the way your organization is very protective and is very very good. Because there is so many crooks out there, you have to be very careful, and I am so proud that you chose me as a CREDICORP Member. I hope I can be a member for a lifetime.

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