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phone: 212-461-8738

Yes hello this is dennis lee and this is the free electricity witness program update .. and this is the free electricity witness program update and the time is december of 2004.

we are right currently out on tour across the usa going to churches and speaking with pastors and their congregations about signing the whole congregation up to be witnesses.

As you know, we can 't do anything until we have 1.6 million witneesses..

We're meeting with great success we've made inroads into large denominations.

Working with us now to set up churches to have us do presentations for their people

just be patient with us.

It cost you nothing

Please don't tell anyone that you paid for a free electricity machine because that's not true. You may have given a dealer something for a videotape or you may have bought a product or joined a club or something like that but whatever monney you paid was not for a free electricity machine.

Please be realistic and understand that you did not pay anybody anything to get a free electricity machine.

As soon as we have the 1.6 million witnesses, we intend to put the whole thing together.

Please be patient with us. Who knows how far away we are frrom doing this.

It could happen overnight or it could be a year or more than a year

Please go back to the dealer who invited you to be a witness and see what kind of program that may have to get

It's a difficult job but if we get the witnesses, when we have the witnesses we'll all be glad that we did it.

Thank you so much for your patience.

In another month or two I'll let you know how close we are to getting there.

We've had a lot of difficulty because a lot of rich and people people are making it difficult, they know when we have the witnesses

If it says "hi its december" that means there's no new news.

If you have a pastor who wants us to come to the church, they can get hold of us at

We would be welcome to have you come in on our hotline for kings and priests a non-profit organization that's getting the witnesses.

You can listen in on the hotline 646-519-5860. It happens every thursday night between 8 and 9 pm The code to get in is 2580#. That's the pin number. So god bless you thank you for your support and we'll update you again as soon as we can.

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