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5/8/2007 - Rickey writes:

I got lured to the presentation by my fiancee. We through the dog and pony show which was a waste of our time. I knew when we were told it was now or never and almost $5000 had to be paid up front, I could not get out of there fast enough. My Fiancee was interested in a specific furniture manufacturer and a particular bedroom set. When she asked we were told that that brand was not available at the Metarire location but was avaialble 90 miles away in Baton Rouge. What a coincidence. After reading the testimonials on this site, I can't wait to show her what a little reasearch prior to going to this sort of thing can save time and money.

5/3/2007 - Eric writes:

My wife and I went to the open house last week and luckily we got out of there losing only 2 hours of our life. A flaw in their system eventual helped us walk away. Reasons why we didnt join: 1. Cheesy sales tactic#1: after the presentation, they made us fill out a form asking us what 3 things we love about direct buy and when we only came up with 2, it wasnt good enough so we spent another 10 minutes to make one up. Eventually when we couldnt decide if we should join, they pull out the form and recited the 3 things we love about direct buy. 2. Cheesy sales tactic#2: Made us sit in a corner away from other victims and away from the front door so we dont know when other people (smarter) are leaving. 3. Cheesy sales tactic#3: Dragged our asses through their warehouse to show us that they are fully stocked with items ordered by their members. 4. Cheesy sales tactic#4: All the competitor ads they show you in the presentation are all old and yellow like it was from 5 years ago. 5. Cheesy sales tactic#5: Jokingly told us the cost is $60,000 a year (and set our expectation) so when they finally broke the news that its $5,000 instead. Sounded like a steal! 6. The sales rep kept trying to use my wife against me when she was trying hard to stay out of the conversation and avoid confrontation. 7. The sales rep insulted me by saying that if I was so smart how come Im not millionaire yet. 8. The sales rep said that my money is no good 8 hours later if I decide to go home and sleep on it. Part of me really wanted to return the next morning with a $5000 check and prove that these scammers WILL still take my money but my wife talked me out of it and we really dont want to waste more time with these people. 9. Finally, what saved us (without doing our research ahead of time) was that we came to the realization that hundreds of manufactures means LIMITED choices over hundreds of different categories. For example, we wanted a contemporary headboard thats made of microfiber instead of the traditional wood or leather and after a 30min research by multiple sales reps, our choices were NONE. Luckily that helped us see the light and walk away.

4/27/2007 - Anonymous writes:

Okay, we too are amoung the fools paying this scam outfit a whopping $5,000. We are building a new house and KNEW we could save at least that much with the cabinets. Yea right! After reading the many horror stories we find we too have lived them. You know, the hours spent in the showroom researching catalog after catalog, learning you have to order everything a la carte, the hidden 8% handling fee and 15% freight, sometime 20%. Well, after literally spending 4 hours with a customer service guy, (this was after 2 days of researching and I knew exactlly what we wanted) he gave me the bottom line and I told him,"he was joking". I showed him a quote from a local plumbing supply company> for $23 more we could go pick up the items that same day. Well I be, he went and talked with his, "Supervisor", and guess what? She, bless her lillo heart, authorized him to wave, I said wave, the "Handling fee" (thats zero dollars not 8%) AND took $125 off the freight. NOW, THAT WAS PRETTY DAMN NICE OF HER! We are in the construction industry and self employeed. I'm not on the clock so..... from me to all of you that,like us have been screwed, a gift. I plan on hanging out in this Florida showroom, eat their little treats, drink their sodas, and ask for alot of help because, well frankly, I'm just that stupid. I will also ask for lists of prices via e-mail, fax and in person. We figure they own us at least $5,000 of their time, not to mention what they owe all of you. I invite all of you, during the week and on the weekend, stop in your local showroom and eat their treats, enjoy their drinks, watch their TV's, lie on the beds. Do some browsing, which you couldn't do prior to joining. Do some catalog shopping,you know, pull catalogs off the shelves in search of the "whatever" you are looking for and oh, don't worry about putting them back on the shelves, or in their correct place because that's what the customer services reps are getting paid to do. Everyone, "Do some catalog shopping!!" Have them sit with you and fill out the order sheets and then tell them you can get it for less at [] or []!!!!!!! Let us all do these things once or twice, thats what we paid for right?

4/26/2007 - Glen writes:

Learn from our mistake; Dont Do It. Joining DirectBuy Shopping Club is one of the biggest mistakes my wife and I ever made. Please; if you take away any thing from my advice run away and run fast from DirectBuy. My wife and I originally joined DirectBuy in Akron Ohio; and the experience from the start was difficult and most of all not worth penny of the initial membership fees. Nothing but a big inconvenience; you had to spend hours and sometimes days in the show room looking through catalogs for what you need and all you buy off of is a picture. You might save a small amount of money on your purchases but is it really worth it if you dont get what you buy for a month or two. Keep in mind when buying furniture most stores offer same as cash for 2 or 3 years; with DirectBuy you have to pay cash. Since or initial beginning we moved from Akron to Cleveland OH; and decided to transfer clubs to East Cleveland. The experience was worst; they treated us like outsiders because we transferred from Akron. Every time we ordered we got the same story oh you transferred from the Akron club; we need to check a few things before we can accept your order. Shortly after the East side club closed down, not a surprise. So we had to transfer to the West side club in Strongsville OH over an hour drive for us. They are even worse. Treating us like scum, same story every time we order oh you transferred from the East Cleveland club; we need to check a few things before we can accept your order. They also have the worst customer service and dont have a clue what they are doing. Every time we order, something goes wrong. Either the product was damaged or its the wrong thing. Be careful if your order is wrong they blame you for the mistake and then you have to make phone call after phone call fighting and following up until the issue is fixed. They also dont remember what they did the day before so each follow up call you have to explain the problem since day one. Dont to it; run run run. Cleveland Ohio.

4/25/2007 - Jeff writes:

When I signed up on DirectBuy's website for a tour of the showroom I was immediately barraged with phone calls about when I would make an appointment. My wife and I were curious and decided to check it out. When we got to "The Showroom" there was nothing but a reception desk in a room with 2 doors one of which we came through. My wife became suspicious when they asked for 2 forms of ID, but I wasn't concerned because the receptionist only glanced at it (unless she had a photographic memory or for that matter a camera to record our ID's I really wasn't too concerned about that). We were given the questionaire and on the bottom I noticed the acknowledgement by me that I was aware that it was a 90 minute PRESENTATION! I suddenly remembered being brought to a friends house a while back that had a lot of chilling similarities to DirectBuy: the vagueness on the cost of membership, "How much are you willing to spend?", "How much are willing to save?" That was from an AMWAY Presentation!!! The old multilevel marketing business of saving YOU money while the owners are earning more the more people they get to join. It's NOT a PYRAMID Scheme. Oh no, because that would be illegal. I asked to use the bathroom and I actually got to go in the other door and directly in front of me was a dining room set. Nothing special and in a rather drab example of a room. I looked around and didn't see any other sets. I did my business and when I came out directly down the hall was a small living room set and again nothing special and in a drab room. But in that room a man was standing facing me talking to people on the sofa about how much they could save and there it was: the dreaded spiral bound presentation easel on the coffee table. I immediately went out to my wife, told the receptionist that we forgot something in the car and left. Like the other posters have said follow your gut feeling and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

4/23/2007 - Andrea writes:

My brother and I went to a home and garden show recently where a friendly sales person approached us about becoming DirectBuy members. Ive heard of the company but didnt know any of the details of the membership. I asked the salesperson how much it is to join and he gave me an evasive answer about it depends on how much buying power you have and like to have. My brother and I decided to make an appointment just to check it out. We also had to bring our spouses. Well, we had our appointment this Saturday in Austin, Texas. When we got there the receptionist was really cranky and forgot to give us the papers we had to fill out. She had a really lively conversation with another salesperson or receptionist about when to go for a smoke break. After her smokebreak we received the questionaire with questions like do you want to save money? While we filled out the questionaire several other couples showed up and were asked if they were members or if they were here for an interview. We sat there for about 30 minutes and did not see any member enter the show room! My brothers significant other pointed out that all the sales people had the same peel-off name tag as we did. Finally, a sales rep greeted us and led us to the store. We were shown around the store and several items, such as a waterless pot set, were pointed out to us and what the potential savings would be if we became members. Our sales rep led us to a room where we watched several videos on why DirectBuy is such a wonderful business and how we have to keep everything confidential! The representative (another more experienced sales rep who only showed us the videos and the following lesson on buying power) finally explained our buying power by using the example of an average Austinian with an average income of $40,000. We had to chuckle on that one. According to the rep, if you make $40.000 a year you have a buying power of $13,000 (without buying groceries or medical expenses, she didnt mention that). Finally she explained that a membership will cost $4997 the first two years, and then $192 every subsequent year for 8 years. The kicker came when we found out that if we did not purchase the membership that day we could not do so for seven years. After the presentation we were led back to the other representative. My husband and I felt really pressured and we wanted to talk about it. I asked the sales rep to give us a few minutes to discuss it and he came back almost immediately, probably sensing that we were not totally convinced about parting with that amount of money. At that point, I just said that if we couldnt think about it on how to fit this into our budget were going to leave, and we did! Some things I noticed while I was there: I am not familiar with the names of the companies even though I shop at home improvement stores all the time. The catalogs are extremely difficult to read. I did not understand why some manufacturers can be contacted others cant. Trying to find colors and sizes looked time-consuming! You can look at some catalogs online but you must come to the store to order?! The prices are listed but you have to figure out which ones they are. Who cares what the suggested retail price is, I want to know my bottom line! The empty parking lot. And now this web site ..oh by the way .the people who wrote on behalf of DirectBuy have a similar writing style as well as no spelling or grammar errors! My bottom line: if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and when you feel pressured do what your gut tells you to do!

4/19/2007 - Charles writes:

Joined Direct Buy of Richmond,Va. Oct.06(horrible decision). Direct Buy did the kitchen measurements and design(which is exactly the same as old kitchen). Savings are nominal,if at all. When the cabinets were delivered we found that the direct-buy had incorrectly designed. The dir-buy installer immediately knew we had the wrong size cabinets and would not install. will not replace or take any responsibility. We are expected to pay again. Don't join this is a big scam.

4/18/2007 - Tiffany writes:

DirectBuy does indeed work. Buy if you want to work with an ethic company do not step foot into the door. They treat thier employers with such disrespect its unbelievable. The people who work thier stay for at most 2 months. They have such a high turnover ratio its sick. They destroy families and are just money hungry(Loraine and Randy Cover) The owners at the Jacksonville Florida franchise. Just know when your working with a customer service agent one day dont expect to seem them again, it truely is sad.

4/16/2007 - Randy writes:

I just got back from Direct Buy presentation on Sunday.We thought it is a good idea but the membership cost is way out of line.Look in the parking lot and you can tell by the size of the employees cars they make a lot of commision off of the $5200.00 .I can tell by the other post that the membership cost varies .My friend went to a show and was told 2500.00.I pulled up in my Hummer and they tell me a higher price.When I tried to look aroung the show room they kept leading me back to the sitting area.I tried to talk to one of the members and they told my wife to get me and sit in the presentation room. I told them I could not by a mattress or a sofa without sitting on it.They told me not to go to retail stores and waste the retail stores employees time, since they have the higher cost to pay them to wait on customer that do not belong to Direct Buy.They were real friendly until I told them I would not make a decision that day they just got up and walked away without saying anything and closed the door where several other sales pitch guys were sitting.So my wife and I sat there for about 10 mins.then left the store. 1.If its such a deal why do you have to do it right now? 2.Why is the cost so high to join when you could pay per purchase rather then 3 years ahead? 3.they told me the cost was 5200.00 first three years 199.00 the next seven years then after that what ever the 199.00 yearly rate is that would be that rate. 4. They said once you see the presentation you could never come back or ever join.That is strange.How can you run a business like that? If they were more professional and would allow me to think about it I would of probably joined.But the Employees represent the company and I do not like it.

4/15/2007 - Mary writes:

I have just finished reading 5 pages of complaints on this web site regarding Direct Buy.Everything I've read, I can relate to. Duped, I was. I bought the membership under pressure for over $5000 (my fault) and haven't been able to order bathroom cabinets (which I will no longer do.) All of your complaints are legitimate-they are not interested in your orders, they've already duped you out of over $5000 cash. After reading all your horror stories, I've decided not to do business with Direct Buy to avoid any more frustrations and stress.By the way, I refused to pay the cabinet designer $l50 dollars to "design" the cabinets that I can order else where at no cost. Perhaps that's why my calls have not been returned. I thank this website for all the information. Beware, Beware, Southern California.

4/15/2007 - Karen writes:

We are a deaf couple from Phoenix, Arizona. We called them for an appointment for showroom etc. They said we would have to bring an interpreter(sign language) The supervisor (guy) was very rude to us. We cancelled it. Thank God. Later we found this website and learned more about Directbuy scam. Please do something to shut it down ! Contact the TV media- 20/20 !!!

4/14/2007 - Bernice writes:

About 4 years ago now my husband and I received about 4 phone calls from a direct buy salesperson to attend a show. We had just purchased a new home (wonder if they somehow found that out) and were considering some large purchases. We decided to attend and said to each other that we wouldn't sign anything even if it looked good. Well, as you have already heard how they present their sales pitch we also listended to the same approach. As i was working a very early morning shif and was so tired, all I wanted was to go home but the sales person who "got" us just kept going and going about the fact we needed to sign up RIGHT now or loose the opportunity. To make a long story short, we made the committment and the very next morning knew we should not have done it. We had a 2,000 + credit card hit to join, but through a terrible ordeal got back all but 200.00. Only because I lost my job and went back to them about 4 times, made phone calls, threats to go to the rtadio station, to picket outside their office etc... I really think everyone who has been scammed by these people should go and picket on nights when they are holding their meetings so to warn others not to be taken in. I beleive that is a legal right. Why are these people allowed to stay in business. There should be at least a 5 day change to the "buyers remores" clause when you sign a contract out of your home. This by the way is the catch in getting you to sign up then, on their property. They do not have to refund you once you leave. Did you know that? I just saw another TV ad for them. Every time I hear them my blood pressure must hit the roof. Nothing gets me going more than people who are dishonest, and rip others off. After we went throught this horrible experience and told them to never call us again, we received at least 4 more calls from Direct Buy sales scammers to go to a meeting. Live and learn. Don't go...!!!

4/14/2007 - Shelley writes:

My husband and I went to a DirectBuy presentation today. I realized the SCAM when they had on the wall A flyer from [] presenting plasma tvs with prices at least 2yrs old. We I made a remark on the price he quickly changed the subject and led the group away. I also was aware of the staged buyers spread aroud the showroom. I was impressed with the quality and the savings (Which is joke after reading the complaints) but whenever WE are told you have to buy NOW. BEWARE!!!!! Then, when told about the $4500.00 membership fee RED ALERT. We said NO-Thank-You. and recieved out 2 cheesy gifts and left(We were let out the back side door) So tonight I research and find about the horrible outcomes of some who were duped, makes me want to print and stand out front and pass out the copies of peoples complaints. Can this be legal to save other people for these types of SCAMS

4/13/2007 - Lisa writes:

Direct Buy business screams SCAM!My husband and I went to a presentation on Direct Buy on April 5, 2007. We did not know the membership fees, but agreed beforehand that we would not be suckered into buying a membership on the spot. I confess we did not research the company prior to our visit. When we arrived, we had to wait about 15 minutes, then we spoke to a sleazy salesman for about 5 minutes. We were then led into a room, with other potential victims, to watch a video. It was all so hokey. We were treated like 5-year-olds: We were shown a picture of a product with the MSRP and the competition's sale price, then we were asked to guess what Buy Direct's price was. When we heard the video presenter say we needed to sign up that evening or be banned from becoming members for the next seven years, my husband and I looked at eachother, stood up and walked out the door. We did not know what the membership fee was. Reading the reviews on this site confirms my suspicions that this company is not reputable. We were robbed of our time, but, thankfully, nothing else. I feel badly for those that believed all the empty promises. There has to be a way to shut down this kind of business so others aren't victims.

4/13/2007 - Bernard writes:

Well, I was one of the foolish persons who took the bait from Direct Buy. I was looking to have my kitchen and bathroom remolded. I had consulted with several contractors over a period of months and found most of them where in the same ballpark. One Saturday while watching the informerical, I decided to call Direct Buy and set up an appointment to talk to a salesperson. Right away they told me if I didn't make the appointment and come in, I would not be allowed meet with a salesperson for a period of one year...Kinda strange at that point. So I made the appointment and went the local showroom here in Ft.Lauderdale. The people were very nice (that's the first sign of the scam)and ushered about 20 people into a viewing room. It there where they talk about all the savings on products and services that the public are not privileged to see. We would have exclusive insiders information to thousands of manufacturers and dealers. The they hit you with the membership fees of $4600 over a period of 2 years, with $500+ as a down payment, with monthly payment under $200 for the next 24 months. I wanted to save money on the expensive remolding work and after the pressure from the "nice salesperson" saying 'If you don't sign today, you will not be able to join or come to the showroom for one year and you have thousands of catalogs to choose from for your remolding jobs." So foolish me (shame on me) I signed the agreement with the knowledge of thinking I would save BIG time!!! In the process of meeting with the designer and floor salesmen, the salesmen DO NOT tell you of all the hidden charges when you order merchandise, for instance, it will take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for the merchandise to be delivered to the warehouse. Or you will have to get your own delivery services. They don't tell you there are even other charges (hidden) tacked onto your order. For example when you meet with the designer for kitchen and bathroom services, there is a $300 designers fee added in addition to the shipping and handling charges of 8%, plus taxes and other fees. After all the "hidden charges" you are NOT, I repeat NOT saving a &^%$# thing! Not to mention, you have to pick up the merchandise yourself. I'm talking about appliances, furniture and the like. There's no delivery services! Thank God, I'm a young man who happens to have access to a pickup truck. Now, here's the kicker...If you order merchandise and there is a problem with it or its the wrong merchandise (not your fault), you have a better chance of getting into the White House and speaking directly to the President, then you have of getting a refund or exchange. I had problems over the past 8 months getting a refund from Direct or its manufacturers. The wrong merchandise and sizes were delivered to their warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale. After inspecting the merchandise and noting it to the warehouse manager it was not what I ordered and refused to take possession of the merchandise. Now the trouble began, I contact my salesperson from Direct Buy the very same day and explained the dilenma. Spoke with the customer services manager from Direct Buy, a few days later, sent letters to the their office, contacted my credit card provider after several attempts to resolved the issue with Direct Buy. After 8 months of investigations back and forth, I finally received and answer from Direct Buy...I was not entitled to a refund and I needed to pick up the merchandise which was ordered. If they returned the merchandise to the manufacturer(s),there would be an restocking fee between 25% to 35%. I never took the merchandise from the warehouse and have yet to receive the refund to my credit card account. You would think after all the money I spent and the contract agreement amount they could at least credited me back for non-usable items. They went as far as to send negative letters to my credit card company blaming me for the errors and it was not the manufacturers fault. I am an fairly intelligent man and can usually smell a "funky" scam a mile away. I am upset with myself for letting this scam get the best of my intelligence. In order not to damage my great credit scores, I am still paying the outrageous agreement fees of $4600 for the 2 year agreement. I would be interested to know if there is a class action suit being proposed against Direct Buy. I would certainly without question join in! To those out there, RUN, Break through the walls if you're ever tempted to join Direct Buy!! Save your money!! Direct Buy is an EXPENSIVE SCAM with a migraine headache!!!

4/9/2007 - Sharon writes:

I like many of you have the sad responsibility of saying "Shame on me" for listening for longer than 10 minutes of their scam. I went in on a Saturday with my Mother and sat through a 2 hour presentation, showing me how I could save a ton of money going through them. After the presentation we were broken up in to groups with a "Sales rep" to go over the price of the 5 yr contract. It was $4890.00 for 5 yrs and then $167.00 per year after that. When I stated I was not sure if it was what I wanted since it was alot of money up front, the Sales rep said "I will give you 3 days to cancel". I signed the contract thinking that's not so bad I can think about since I signed under the pressure of "sign today or you are never welcome back". I am a smart woman and should never have fallen for this... But will make sure everyone I know knows what happen to me and how they scam you into signing the contract right then and there. I tried to cancel with my credit card and was denied, now I am going through all the local news channels and newspapers to get the word out. I have also contacted the BBB and Attorney General in Mass. Please if you live in Mass, contact the Attorney General so that they are able to SCAM NOMORE.

4/8/2007 - Christina writes:

Well...I hung on to my money! After 2 hours of some very high pressure sales they finally got to the bottom line of it all...$4991 dollars for the first 3 years for membership dues and $277 dollars a year for years 3 through 10! You can pay one lump sum of the $4991 or option 2 is to pay down $1500 then finance the rest at a 17% INTEREST RATE! After seeing advertisment after advertisment on Direct Buy I finally had to see what it was all about...Save your time and Keep your Money! I went to the showroom and saw NOTHING that I couldnt get at a regular store on sale! The only way that I can see that you will save lots of money is if you are building your home from scratch...then you might benefit from the discounts BUT BEWARE because the products of cabinets, carpets, tile and wood flooring looked cheap. These are NOT the high end products that they promise! They said that the products that your order could take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to be delivered! Do you want to wait that long? I dont! Not when I can go up the road and get things the same day! And they said that if you couldnt pick up your items at the warehouse in 5 days then they would charge you a storage fee until you could get it picked up. That or pay the extra shipping cost to ship to your home. BEWARE OF DIRECT BUY!

4/7/2007 - Andy writes:

From Canada. A very convincing, well rehersed, sales pitch in comfortable surroundings with a high pressure take it or else ending.<br /> Although I have no way of knowing for sure, I believe that most of the people present during the sales pitch (including other potential members and people who were there actually brousing the catalogues) were employees of the company. The whole thing is staged. People are buying memberships all around you, customers are looking through catalogues laughing and cooing at each other like star crossed lovers...give me a break. I don't think comparing prices on kitchen cabinets is a hand holding, snuggly experience for any couple, but that's what I saw during my con (er, I mean presentation). Remember folks "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". Like the guy in the ING comercial says "save your money", walk away from DirectBuy.

4/6/2007 - Harry writes:

DirectBuy should come with a consumer warning label! Steer clear of DirectBuy -- unless you are prepared for beyond high pressured sales environment, peppered with switch and bait tactics. And, get ready to part with $4,990 for membership by signing an on the spot contract -- with no proof of real value or option to think it over or do further research! The scenario appears to be the same regardless of where the franchise is located. The meet and great, hand-off to watching their infomercial presentation, and then strong-arm tactics to sign a contract immediately and you will begin to quickly realize savings! And, if all of the warning signals don't register from the moment you connect with one of their so called sales reps ask about their payment plans. We were told they have a 90 day payment which they have a partner to finance at an interest rate of 17%. Now you can invest almost $5K, pay 17% interest based on pure claims with no substance. And by the way we were told they ship to you at no extra cost that it is built-in to the manfucturer's cost -- totally bogus. We're lucky as we just got up and walked out -- as we were informed that we were being suckered to lose our money by buying retail. Thanks to this website and all of the individuals who shared their stories we realize we did the right thing.

4/5/2007 - Mimi writes:

when we joined Direct we paid $3000 for our membership. It has been hell since day one. We were treated so badly by the Edison Staff. The Manager was worst. They show you something in the book and when you receive it - it is not what you think you ordered. I am still waiting for a refund for a year ago. I was told they were going to waive the re-stocking fees because the product was not what they showed my in the catalog it would be. I tell you Direct Buy is a scam. They rude and unprofesional. I am willing to join who is taking any sort of steps toward exposing Direct Buy. I am even willing to start a group to expose. we need to put a stop to them.

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