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I received an email from: <>

with the subject line: "Congratulations! You've WON!"

So the question is: Did I win? In other words, am I now entitled to receive something of value, without having to exchange something else of value to receive it? If not, then this is a deceptive subject line.

What I won

I only know what they've told me:

But to claim my "free" ticket, I must provide them with my email address and I must agree to their privacy policy and the "terms and conditions" ... plus, there's an asterisk... which refers to the following footnote:

After completing the registration and two special offers, the companion airfares gift (gift???? why is it now just a gift instead of an actual ticket?) is yours.

A "companion airline ticket" is of questionable value to begin with... can I used it in conjunction with any published airfare, or are there additional restrictions? Then I have to "complete" the so-called special offers... which seems to me means that I'm obligated in some way... and to boot, there's a huge set of terms and conditions plus a privacy policy that I'm somehow agreeing to. This is not looking good. To help ease the pain of wading through all this text, I'm breaking it up into smaller chunks below:

What other sites are part of the Vendare Network?

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Sterling Media Group
Your Vacations

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