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Instructions for using this list:

  1. Do what is necessary to make sure caller will remain on the line, i.e. feign interest in their offer, short of providing credit card number.
  2. Ask for name and location of company -- both the telemarketing firm and the client, if these are different.
  3. Ask for phone number and/or mailing address (by law, one of these must be provided upon request).
  4. Ask to be placed on both the telemarketing company's do not call list (DNCL) and ask for a copy of their do not call policy (DNCP).
  5. Note all details in the log below. Indicate primary phone number as line 1, secondary number as line 2.

Checklist for MPA Telemarketing Rule compliance (selected item only):

who / line : date / time person's name business name / address / phone description request followup
Eli/1:7/17/2001 09:45 Zelka, Dana Global Readers Service web search for Global Readers Service
Cleveland, OH
asked for Martha, offer to renew Penthouse 36 issues @ $4.13 ($148) + free 12 issues Playboy to keep us as a subscriber after cover price increase to $6.95. Zelka xfer'd to Dana to verify my agreement. Zelka agreed to add to DNCL and to send DNCP (I did not mention 2nd line)  
Eli/1:7/18/2001 09:40 Cleary, Keriann
Fevrier, Gilla
First Choice web search for First Choice(aka First Choice Processing Center)
P O Box 8010
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Keriann first claimed she was calling in response to a request for a Visa or MasterCard from 12 months ago, and asked for my preference. I asked about differences and a MasterCard discount program, she said Visa also had the discounts. When I indicated preference for MasterCard, she encouraged me to select Visa as it was more widely accepted. I asked to be put on DNCL and have DNCP sent to me, she would only agree to add me to DNCL. Also wouldn't provide mailing address or phone number. Eventually transferred me to Gilla, who continued to resist request for DNCP and mailing address/phone. After I cited Federal law, she finally gave me the info and indicated I would get DNCP. (I did not mention 2nd line)  
Eli/1:7/20/2001 10:45 Kimberly,
Caroline Taylor,
International Marketing Association web search for International Marketing Association
Virginia Beach, VA
claimed I had won a diamond watch for being a Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover card holder (even though they then asked if I did in fact have one of those cards), began asking survey questions, then did open end query about interests. Finally claimed I would get 48 months of Yahoo Internet Life, Muscle and Fitness, and Esquire for free, and would be asked to "help out" with TV Guide, paying $3.85/week for 48 months asked for DNCL, DNCP, company address and phone. When I asked, Kimberly said she wasn't familiar with do not call policies, I asked for supervisor. About 30 seconds later the call was disconnected.

I subsequently called back to the 1-800-MAGS-NOW number, which was answered as "Sweepstakes Center". The person I spoke to, Caroline Taylor, verified the price of $3.85 a week but that I would get a 4th magazine for free, said I would be entered in the drawing on October 8, and that my order number was C-208. Her supervisor, Emily, would have to call me back to discuss the watch style (mens or womens) and payment options.

When Emily called, she indicated that the charge would be $15.40 a month billed monthly to my credit card. She also indicated that this charge only covered the publisher's cost of delivery. When I asked about the rate for TV Guide, she said that was $3 a week on the newsstand (actual newsstand rate is $1.99). I again repeated my requested for DNCL and DNCP, she seemed unaware of handling the DNCP request and asked for the source of my information (FTC). Wasn't clear whether she passed that request on to anybody else. Didn't mention 2nd line.

Eli/1:8/3/2001 18:45 Gregory Porter Us Wireless Communications web search for Us Wireless Communications
started out by stating I was eligible for 20 free minutes a month and a free pager in conjunction with voice touch messaging service with unlimited voicemail... cost $20 a month billed via Pacific Bell... I had to prompt for one-time charges, which were $28 activation fee, although there was a one-time setup fee of $34.95 (don't know if instead or in addition) asked for DNCL, DNCP... Gregory agreed to put me on DNCL but didn't know anything about sending me the DNCP, and in spite of my request that he ask a supervisor about sending me this, he indicated only that he would put me on the DNCL.  
Eli/2:8/7/2001 18:30   Southern Telcom call starts out with a recorded message identified as being Randy Davis from KNBC. If you press any number on your phone, you're transferred to a live person. The person who answered didn't seem to understand why he was answering the phone. Eventually he explained that I would receive 20 free minutes of long distance a month. I agreed before he explained any of the details, but when he did explain it, he said it was for a voice mailbox, and eventually got around to mentioning the $19.99 monthly charge plus the $34.99 setup charge. When I asked for a mailing address or phone number, he had me talk to somebody else who gave me the number as 877-682-6822. Note both the company name and the phone number are phony. When I pointed out that the phone number was no good, they hung up on me.
Update: it's not "KNBC", it's "KNVC", somehow a name for National Voice Communications. See for more info. The BBB report at says they participate in the "BBB Care" program. Also see National Voice Communications Scam Alert web search for National Voice Communications Scam Alert.
Eli/2:8/8/2001 11:05 Fred Simmons
Steve Armstrong
San Diego, CA call center (or is it Escondido)
Fred claimed this was not a sales call, just wanted to offer a free gift ... wait till we tell you about the sales presentation I asked to have both lines put on DNCL and have DNCP.... Fred didn't know how to do anything other than "DC" the number he called... was unaware of DNCP. Supervisor Steve Armstrong said to call the 800 number... Michelle at the 800 number said they send out DNCP for all "DC" requests and she would try to put the other number on their DNCL, but this only works if the number is on their list in the first place.  
Eli/1:8/10/2001 10:05 Joan Nationwide Periodicals Group Joan claimed Martha had won a mans or womans quarts watch for being a Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover card holder (even though they then asked if she did in fact have one of those cards), began asking survey questions (preferred card, last use of card, interests in sports, entertainment, movies or news) and employement status). Finally claimed I would get 48 months of George?, Car & Driver, GQ, Mens Journal) for free, and would also receive 2 weekly magazines for $3.84 per wek, US News and Washington Times. I asked for company address or phone but was referred to web site I then asked to be put on DNCL for both lines and to receive DNCP, and she indicated this would be done.

I subsequently checked out the web site which is owned by Consolidated Media Services, formerly known as Media Outsourcing, and I called them at 770-955-2715. I verified that I had reached Media Outsourcing and asked whether they did business as Nationwide Periodicals Group. I was informed that they did not use that name and were unfamiliar with it. I requested to have someone from their legal department call me back to discuss this.

Eli/2:8/10/2001 19:21 Tara Shell Vacation Club web search for Shell Vacation Club
Shell Alliance Marketing
Shell Resorts
301 Duck Road
Grandview, MO 64030
This call from "Karen" consists entirely of an interactive recorded message. The company is identified as "Shell Resorts" and then several questions are asked, e.g. marital status, age, and income. Depending on your answers, you may be informed that you have qualified and that you will be receiving a subsequent sales call. At the end of the call, the mailing address is provided. However, there is no option to have this information repeated if necessary. Got a call back from Tara the next morning at 9:15. Tara re-verified eligibility and asked if I had been to Shell Vacation Club in the last year. She wanted to set up an appt today or tomorrow. After I said that wouldn't work, she offered to call back in 2 weeks. At my request, she gave me a callback number of 800-743-2307.

Amanda called back at 18:55 on 8/26 with the same story about confirming survey answers. I asked to be placed on DNCL and to have DNCP sent to me. She said it could be 3-6 weeks before receipt of DNCP.

Eli/1:8/16/2001 20:43   Shell Vacation Club web search for Shell Vacation Club
Shell Alliance Marketing
Shell Resorts
301 Duck Road
Grandview, MO 64030
identical to pre-recorded call received on 8/10 Received callback at about 11:30 a.m. on the next day. After mentioning DNCL, the CSR's supervisor, Jim Jamison, was put on the line. We discussed the pre-recorded call and he insisted this was done for research purposes and was not a sales call. He provided me with the Grandview mailing address, added me to the DNCL, and said he would be sending me the DNCP. received Pandm Do Not Call Letter web search for Pandm Do Not Call Letter on 8/26/2001... no resolution of automated calling though
Eli/2:8/24/2001 18:45 Jordan
Publishers Discount Warehouse
P. O. Box 66205
Virginia Beach, VA

11811 North Freeway
Houston, TX

Called this number on 12/2/2002. The phone was answered as "Publishers". I asked for address, the person claimed not to have the address but ultimately gave it to me as:
2501 South Texas #C102 (aka #102C)
College Station, TX 77840

Jordan called regarding our TV Guide subscription, claiming to be the Publisher. He asked if we were satisfied with the service on our TV Guide subscription. After I said it was okay, he said he was calling longtime subscribers to allow them to lock in a rate of $46 per year for 3 years before prices go up to $59. When I asked about cancelling after we had the subscription for several months, he stated it was a contract. I queried him about the location of the Publisher, he said it was in Virginia Beach. I asked for a street address, he gave me a post office box. When I asked for the legal corporate name, he insisted it was Publishers, and reiterated his statement to the effect that they actually mailed the issues of TV Guide. He also provided at my request the phone number of 979-694-2980.

I called that number and spoke to Debbie, but she could give no further information about the legal name of the company, and told me to call back the next day (between 4 and 10 p.m. CT) to speak to the office manager, John.

I asked Jordan to be put on the DNCL and to have the DNCP sent to me.

I called back the next day and spoke to John. John claimed (contrary to what TV Guide CSR said) that they get expires from TV Guide. After repeated requests, I finally got the name as Publishers Discount Warehouse along with the Houston address. He also offered to put me on the DNCL and said that I would be sent the DNCP as previously requqested, but didn't have an explanation for why Jordan gave me the phony Virginia Beach address. Note however that the Houston BBB report on this company indicates that it's out of business!

All the phone numbers available for PDW are out of service and various web searches have turned up nothing to suggest that they are still operating. Subsequent discussions with John provided no credible information.

called TV Guide customer service at 800-866-1400 to request fraud investigation... info was taken including Virginia Beach address ... rep said they don't make expires available to agencies.

Publishers places classified ads in the local college paper, the Eagle. The classified ad dept number is 800-299-7355, open 8-5:30 CT M-F. Maybe they can give some additional info.

Eli/1:9/12/2001 19:45
Eli/2:9/12/2001 19:45
pre-recorded announcement unknown some announcement related to dealing with death... business did not identify itself nor provide any opportunity to obtain such information... just requested at the end that you leave name, number, and the best time to call no opportunity to request DNCL or DNCP awaiting callback
Eli/1:10/29/2001 19:55
Eli/2:10/30/2001 19:209
"Alison Bush" (pre-recorded announcement)
Stan Michaels
Dish Network
Lasting Satellites
actual number for Dish Networks: 888-CALL-DISH (888-225-5347)
pre-recorded announcement claimed installers working in the area... pressed DTMF and a live person came on the line... Chuck started to tell me about the Dish Network? offer ... when I asked about the pre-recorded message, he offered to connect me with a manager... the manager who got on the line was a really slimey guy who kep trying to redirect the conversation to product features... when I explained the telemarketing violations, he said that mistakes happen. When I asked what he meant by that, he said that I was wrong. Upon request, he gave me the number for Dish Network corporate hq, but without telling me that this was actually an independent dealer that called. manager offered to do DNCL but I declined since they were already violating law by using pre-recorded announcement... the 800-332-3474 number they gave me turned out to be bogus (not valid from your calling area) The 888-CALL-DISH number is no good... it connects to some unrelated company called Genstar. I finally got hold of the coporate offices and was connected to Executive Support. The number there is 303-723-3978.

I spoke to Mark... he took the info about Lasting Satellites but couldn't find the dealer listed. He was going to pass it on to the dealer complaints area, and suggested I might want to submit a complaint directly through the web site at although he did promise to call me back when he got some more info from the dealer complaints group.

Eli/1:11/23/2001 12:45 Lena Hill
Scott Morgan
Readers Service
Sweepstakes Center
Big Sky Periodicals web search for Big Sky Periodicals
Missoula, MO
Lena called to tell me that I was in the running for a $5,000 and a $50,000 drawing due to my preferred customer status with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Odds were dependent on number of entries, but she estimated that was 1 in 150 to 1 in 200, and that there were 4 drawings a year. For participating in the program, I would receive a men's diamond watch from the Monaco Collection. Also, I would receive 48 months of Forbes, ESPN, and Maxim for free. I would be "asked to help" cover the cost of Outdoor Life and Sporting News. The cost would be just $3.98 a week. I asked about a phone number to call back, but was told I would get a number with the package I would receive in 7 to 10 days. Nor would she provide a mailing address, and upon inquiry, she said that
I asked the total cost, she said she didn't know, she wasn't good at math.
Eventually she accepted the order but without getting billing info. I got a callback a few minutes later from Scott Morgan. He indicated the total cost would be $828, saving 40% from the $2072 newsstand price.
Spoke to Donna at the Montana Department of Administration, 406-444-9405.
Eli/1:1/3/2002 17:55 Rho Official Publisher Sweepstakes Center
International Magazine Service web search for International Magazine Service
Rho called for Martha but I took the call. He was calling to tell us that she had been entered into a $1 million sweepstakes drawing (on request, he said this drawing would take place on 11/12/2002). Also, participants in the sweepstakes would receive a Quartz Genevex watch with a diamond at the 12 o'clock position. Additionally, we were entitled to 36 issues of selected magazines. I selected Redbook, Rosie, and Cosmopolitan. He later said we would get 36 issues each of Redbook and Rose, but only 12 of Cosmopolitan. All we're asked is to help by paying for U.S. News at $2.88 per week. I asked for how long, he said the U.S. News was only for a year, but if we wanted to extend past that, we would have to pay the full $3.95 newsstand rate. I asked for a phone number, he said there wasn't one available. I asked for a mailing address, he couldn't supply that, but upon questioning, he did admit that the company was IMS in Santa Rosa, California. I asked to be placed on the DNC and to receive the DNC policy.  
Eli/1 & 2:1/21/2002 09:30 Linda First Choice Mortgage
125 Railroad Ave #204
Danville, CA
Automated call soliciting for mortgages. This is an automatic violation as an automated call. Got calls on line 2 while still listening to the message on line 1. I selected the option indicating interest, spoke to Linda who offered to put me on their DNC list but didn't offer to send DNCP. Asked for DNCP for both lines. Linda provided both mailing address and phone number on request. Sent them demand letter by certified mail on 1/22/2002. Received First Choice Mortgage Do Not Call Policy web search for First Choice Mortgage Do Not Call Policy on 1/23/2002.
Case went to Santa Clara small claims court on 3/20/2003, judgment entered for $3,000 on 4/23/2003.
Eli/2:8/7/2002 19:19 recorded message First Nationwide Mortgage
automated call identifying name and requesting call to phone number but no other information automated call  
Martha/1:11/18/2002 19:25 Trish Cutting Edge Media
asked for Martha.
Claimed Martha had contacted them about making money at home
Martha asked to be added to DNCL and for DNCP. Trish said she had never been given any information about sending out DNCP. Asked for supervisor but none available.  
Eli/2:12/1/2002 13:25 Phillip Lifetime Publications
Phillip claimed to be calling from "Publisher" and was calling "preferred" TV Guide customers to verify service as well as to let us know that we could get a rate of $53.96 per year for up to 24 months instead of the current $61.80 rate, and said that we had previously paid $46.00 a year but costs of paper had doubled in that time along with postage increases. If we agreed to order, a processing manager would call back in about 10 minutes to verify the order.
Under questioning, Phillip admitted he was calling from Lifetime Publications of Norfolk VA, an authorized agent of the publisher, but did not have a phone number or mailing address to provide me with. When I said I could hold on while he got the information, he agreed but actually hung up on me.
  Contacted TV Guide at 800-866-1400. TV Guide verified that Lifetime, as a sub-agency of Lincoln Marketing, is an authorized agent. They agreed to investigate the matter, but primarily to alert them to proper procedures rather than to possibly de-authorize them. Spoke to Michell and her supervisor Mrs. Archer.
Eli/1:4/4/2003 19:15
Eli/2:4/4/2003 19:16
recorded message Dara Mcleod West Coast Wellness div
Wellness International Network web search for Wellness International Network
automated call soliciting for business opportunity
Automatic violation as an automated call. Message gave brief description then asked to select an option to talk to someone. I selected that option and spoke to Dara, who further described the business opportunity and asked me to make an appointment to attend a business opportunity presentation. Dara gave me the name of the company, and subsequently gave me her call back number after I had agreed to attend the business opportunity presentation.
Dara said she only wants to talk to people who want to talk to her, and if I had not indicated interest, I would have been deleted from the database. I didn't ask to be put on the DNCL or ask for a DNCP.
Eli/1:1/16/2004 18:48
Eli/2:1/16/2004 18:49
Martha/1:1/27/2004 16:50
Martha/2:1/27/2004 16:51
recorded message     automated call offering "debt resolution" ... reduce or eliminate debit in less than two years, not bankruptcy or credit counseling transcript at [Wayback archive] pressed 1 and left contact information
callback number showed up on phone bill as 408-947-4554
1/20: received callback from Chris at American Debt Settlement, 408-283-4834
eli/1:1/26/2004 19:25 Amy, Rachel Shell Vacation Club web search for Shell Vacation Club
Amy called to inform me that I would be attending their presentation on the 3rd level of Cannery Row in San Francisco and I would be receiving an all-expenses-paid vacation including airfare and accomodations to Hawaii we've asked to be put on their DNCL previously, didn't bother asking again  
Eli/1:1/29/2004 19:16 Joe AT&T Wireless Communications
(calling from Canada)
calling to offer some free something or other caller gave phone number after inquiries indicating concern as to what company he was calling on behalf of When I called back, the company was identified as "Simply Wireless, authorized agent for AT&T"
A CSR at that number was unfamiliar with their do not call policy, but after consulting someone else, advised me to send my request to the company, and ultimately referred me to their online copy of the DNCP at and was unsure how I should "send" my request to the company. She had no explanation as to why the outbound telemarketer identified them as AT&T Wireless Communications.
When I called back again, and this time spoke to Joe, he again identified the company as "AT&T Wireless" and then quickly said "AT&T Wireless Simply Wireless".
Was referred to the following address:
AT&T Wirless Services
National Subpoena Compliance and Court Center
801 North Point Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
phone: 800-635-6840
fax: 888-938-4715
eli/1:1/31/2004&nbsp:20:55   Dotcom Mortgage
7310 Miramar Road #404
San Diego, CA 92126
858-549-7971 (no good)
Called to offer mortgage services. Asked to be put on DNCL and to received DNCP. Caller said not possible. Identified company as Dotcom Mortgage from Pasadena, CA  
Eli/2:2/9/2004 11:52 recorded message
Blake Freeman
West Coast Wellness div
Wellness International Network web search for Wellness International Network
automated call soliciting for business opportunity
Automatic violation as an automated call. Message gave brief description then asked to select an option to talk to someone. I selected that option and spoke to Blake, who further described the business opportunity and asked me to make an appointment to attend a business opportunity presentation. Blake gave me the name of the company, and agreed to send me information by email including informaton about upcoming presentations.
I didn't ask to be put on the DNCL or ask for a DNCP.  
Eli/1:2/9/2004 18:45 Craig Dial America Marketing
Claimed they had contract with Playboy to contact customers. Claimed to be offering 50% off but actually wanted 4 "easy" payments of $7.49, i.e. the basic subscription rate of $29.97. Requested DNCL and DNCP.  
Martha, Eli/2:5/22/2004 11:30 Trina Global Readers Service web search for Global Readers Service asked for Eli, "checking" on service for Stuff Magazine, claimed that current rate of $1.66 per issue was being raised to $4.25 per issue and they were going to lock in this rate for us
also claimed to know that the rate we last paid was $1.66 per issue
When I asked how they knew this, she said that they had this on record but not the actual amount paid.
Hung up on me when I didn't immediately respond to question whether I wanted this or not.
Didn't get a chance to ask for DNCL. Newsstand rate as of June 2004 issue is $4.99, regular subscription is $17.94/year or $1.50/issue, blow-in card is $0.83 per issue.
Eli/1:12/26/2004 Dinerica Regal Publications I received a telemarketing call from Dinerica, who (after I asked if she was calling from TV Guide) said she was calling from "Regal Publications" in Norfolk, VA. This could possibly be Regal Publishers Services in Virginia Beach, VA.

Dinerica asked to speak to my adult son, Michael Mantel, but agreed to speak to me. She wanted to know if Michael planned on keeping TV Guide, and indicated that TV Guide would soon be sending Michael an offer to renew for $69.95 (or $1.40 an issue), which we should ignore, because, since because Michael has been a long-term subscriber, he would be offered a renewal price of only $51.48.

During the conversation, Dinerica also stated that TV Guide had provided Regal with expire lists, and that Regal was a "direct distributor" for TV Guide.

Eli/1:1/18/2005 19:15 Paul Matthews The Lending Group
aka Americor Lending Group
249 East Ocean Blvd Suite 814
Long Beach, CA
automated telemarketing call for mortgage purporting to be relevant to previously-filed application, callback number is 800-599-0235 x4010    
Eli/1:6/28/2005 16:55   American Homecraft
home improvements reduced by unspecified percentage for publicizing their services requested to be placed on dnc list and to send dnc policy  
Eli/1:2/23/2006   One Waterfront Investment Properties Inc.
dba Remington Mortgage Lending
Simi Valley, CA
automated deceptive telemarketing call soliciting for mortgages; identify themselves as "the bank" calling about your mortgage payment, press 1 to speak to someone, person identifies themselves as with "Remington Bank" Matthew Goldberg provided his callback number as 805-426-3001 Ventura county clerk instruments: 200306240376901, 200306240376902
bbb rating: F
Eli/2:6/28/2006 18:45   Global Readers Service web search for Global Readers Service asked for Eli, "calling about your Stuff Magazine" I asked for DNCL, he hung up  
Eli/1:9/3/2006 18:30   Publishers asked for Martha, re Penthouse magazine refused to provide a toll-free number and would not let me talk with his manager unless I agreed to renew subscription, then gave me a callback number of 832-282-2341, which is a cell phone Contacted Publishers in College Station at 979-694-2980, they claimed to have noone by the name of Charles working for them
Eli/1:12/31/2007 10:30   K-Designers
recorded message identifying call is from K-Designers with phone number, stating that no representatives are available Is this a case of a bona fide abandoned call or a clever ruse to circumvent rules prohibiting pre-recorded calls?  
Eli/1:1/23/2008 20:05
Eli/2:1/23/2008 20:15
  Calbay Realty dba Tristar Financials web search for Tristar Financials
recorded message of a person from "Mortgage Services", press 1 for information on refinancing spoke with a Hur Vishee who indicated he was the senior manager, and their automated equipment was legal since they screened to avoid calls to people on Do Not Call list  
Eli/2:7/7/2008 17:55   American Homecraft
"EAP Dept" of American Homecraft calling... Alexis could not provide phone number of mailing address, saying she was new. Transferred to manager Lisa, said Alexis has been there for 3 months. requested to be placed on dnc list and to send dnc policy  
Eli/1:8/12/2008 15:05   Elimidebt
recorded message, press 1 to speak to a representative
at my request, representative identified company as Elimidebt
did not make dnc request  
Eli/1:10/16/2008 14:15   Aria and Associates
2302 Martin #300
Irvine, CA 92612
principal: Kamran Djazaeri
recorded message, press 1 to speak to a representative
representative identified company as Aria and Associates
(address info listed from Irvine business license records at )
did not make dnc request  
Eli/2:11/8/2008 18:30   K-Designers
live person asking to speak to a former resident asked for dnc policy to be sent  
Eli/1:11/12/2008 17:55   Aria & Associates, Inc.
recorded message, press 1 to speak to someone or 9 to be removed did not make dnc request  
Eli/1:11/25/2008 16:15   Pacific Monarch Resorts Alex answered, identified that he was calling for Pacific Monarch
I asked what location he was calling from, he said it wasn San Matero. Alex stated that I had "been selected based on the last 4 digits" to receive one of various prizes e.g. vacation, plane tickets, etc., but subseuqently revealed I would be required to attend a 90-minute presentation to receive the prize.
requested phone number / mailing address of Pacific Monarch, Alex declined (i.e. asked what I wanted them for), asked for DNC policy to sent, he said not to worry, but failed to give any positive indication that he understood the request;
later in the call, he said that they had a DNC policy, but that they didn't make it available to customers
Eli/2:12/24/2008 15:30   K-Designers
Eunice called asking to speak to a former resident asked for phone number/mail address, unable to provide either, eventually transferred to supervisor; spoke to Anthony who said he would have someone call back on Friday. Got callback from Greg just a few minutes later and to Adam Walsh. violation of 47 CFR 64.1200 regarding "Identification of sellers and telemarketers"
Eli/2:1/12/2009   Alliance Law Center
person called, claiming we had inquired about mortgage problems on internet person provided phone number, but hung up when I asked if they had a DNCP called and left message requesting callback from Neal Bullock, manager of telemarketing
Eli/2:2/8/2009 10:20   K-Designers
Laura called On request, Laura provided a toll-free contact number. She claimed they had a written DNCP. She agreed to send me the DNCP and to add me to the DNCL. When asked the purpose of the call, she failed to identify that it was a sales call, claiming instead some jibber jabber (e.g. we want to find out if we would benefit from whatever products and services they had to offer.  
Eli/2:3/21/2009 16:45   Loyalty Concepts Inc.
  recorded message offering free car washes, press 1 to speak to somebody  
Eli/2:12/12/2009 10:41 Jim ARS Rescue Rooter This is a business that we have an existing relationship with, and this was a live call.
Jim told me that Rescue Rooter would have trucks on our street this week to flush people's water heaters, and asked if somebody would be home during the day on Tuesday or Wednesday. I replied "no thank you", but Jim asked me if had our water heater had already been flushed.
As a result of Jim's impertinent questions, I asked to be put on the DNCL, and to have a copy of the DNCP mailed to me. I asked him when I could expect to receive this, and he admitted that he didn't have any information on sending out the DNCP.  
Martha/1:2/27/2010 10:54 Jared APX Alarms Security Solutions Jared claimed that Martha had filled out a form on the internet. He described their "On Star"-like home security system, available at $11.00 a week (payable $44.99 monthly) with an industry standard 3-year commitment. When I asked to be put on the DNCL, he said he would do it because I was nice, but when I said he had to do even if I wasn't nice, he took offense. I also asked to have the DNCP mailed to me, but he did not acknowledge that he would so. Kent (who said he was from the Provo office) called back just a few minutes later. He provided the IP address where we supposedly had filled out a form (which he admitted might have had the permission in fine print), though he did not have info as to what company or web site had provided them with the contact information. He said he would put us on the DNCL and would refer the DNCP request to the department that handles DNCP requests.
Eli/1:4/24/2010 Sally, Matt Increase Publications LLC
aka NR & Associates
dba Magazine Service web search for Magazine Service
Wheat Ridge, CO
Sally called asking for me, she said she was from Magazine Service and was calling to check if there were any service problems with my Maxim subscription and to advise me, as a preferred customer, of a price reduction. When I asked if the purpose of the call was to sell a product or service, she said no. She told me I would be able to get 36 issues of Maxim at reduced price of $49.50, then insisted I needed a 4-digit number, "J156". I asked for a callback number, she said one was not available. I asked for a mailing address, she told me it was Denver. Later, she put her supervisor, Matt, on the line, and I asked him for a mailing address, he said it was Wheat Ridge Colorado, and that I would get the address with the invoice. Matt also represented this was a 50-cent savings per issue and told me I would also be getting Men's Journal. I asked what the regular price was, he said $1.88 per issue. I asked him for the regular price for a subscription, he gave me the regular price for the 3 year subscription as $67.68. The actual subscription price, per the publisher, is $17.94 for a one-year (12-issue) subscription, or $1.50 per issue, though they regularly offer it on the web site for $10 per year or $17.94 for a 2-year subscription. I agreed to order the subscription so that I could get the invoice with their mailing address. Per Matt, they are on a "10 day billing cycle". Did not ask to be added to DNCL or DNCP so that I could get their mailing address. received invoice from company identifying itself as
I.N.C. Associates
7450 West 52nd Ave. #M197
Arvada, CO 80002
phone: 877-688-8711
The phone answering machine answers as "Magazine Services". I searched the Colorado Secretary of State for the name "I.N.C. Associates", but no match was found.
Eli/1:5/27/2010   Greenworks US Received call from a difficult-to-undersand lady who wa trying to introduce me to hydrotherapy walk-in tub, if I could have understood her. When I asked about the company, she told me it was Greenworks US but then went on with her spiel, and when I criticized her for not giving me a chance to ask questions, she hung up on me. Never got a chance to ask for a phone number of address, but went to the privacy page on their web site and called the number there. Asked to be put on DNCL.  
Eli/1:7/7/2010 13:20   Greenworks US Received a call from Katherine. She asked me if they could have someone come by tomorrow to demonstrate their hydroptherapy product. I asked for do not call policy to be mailed, she said she could not do that. I requested a callback number or other phone number for Greenworks US, she said they were not supposed to give that out. I asked for a mailing address, she said they were not supposed to give that out. She said she didn't have to do any of this, because the purpose of the call was not sales, but to schedule a demonstration. I asked to speak to manager, he was busy in a meeting. I asked for name of manager, she said that she would not give that out.  
Eli/2:7/14/2010 17:15   K-Designers
Mike Roulette called He would not provide a phone number of address He said that they did not send out the DNCP. When asked the purpose of the call, he denied that it was a sales call, claiming that it was to inform the person about the promotion and make an appointment if the person was interested. I spoke to his supervisor Marian Stanely, who said she would put me on the DNCL and would take care of mailing the DNCP, and would refer the legal issues I raised with respect to the TCPA to the higher ups.
Eli/2:12/18/2010 09:30   K-Designers
(800-800-2512 appears to no longer be working)
Hanan called When asked the purpose of the call, she said it was to let me know about a promotion for homeowners to advertise for the company. She provided the phone number 916-853-7400 on request for the number of someone with some authority. Hanan said she would code the call to put me on the DNCL but I might receive an additional call during this cycle. On request for a copy of the DNCP to be mailed to me, she said she would ask for them to send it to me.
Eli/1:12/29/2010 09:15   Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC)
1455 Pennsylvania Ave Suite 400
Washington, DC 20004
Cecilia called, identifying herself as calling from "Consumer Protection". When I asked if she was with the Federal government, she said this was a non-profit organization, and that she was offering free legal services and information. When I started asking for some details, she provided me the web site url. When I asked for the address, she transferred me to supervisor Pepe Abad. I asked about the non-profit status and required reports on how much money was spent on administrative costs, he said that his part of the organization didn't handle that. Requested DNCP. Pepe said he would have this request sent to another part of the organization, hopefully they should begin processing the request by the end of the week, though he'd never received such a request before.
Eli/2:2/1/2011 18:15   Gomax Lending
The telemarketer asked to speak to me.

When I asked the purpose of the call, he said something about they help people with loans. I had to ask him the name of the company several times, because he wouldn't enunciate it clearly.

I requested the DNCP and gave him my address, and to be added to the DNCL.  
Eli/2:3/9/2011 17:35 Clarissa, Marc Powarczuk Acro Energy Clarissa said she was calling as part of the Solar Outreach Campaign. When I asked if she was calling to sell a product or service, she promised that they weren't selling anything. She said something about screening calls and a live transfer.
She transferred me to Marc, a Solar Consultant and Design Engineer, who explained how he could look at satellite pictures of our residence at different times of the day and different times of the year, to see how effective their solar system would be. He included a song and dance about how the electric utility companies are being pressured such that have to provide incentives for people to switch to renewable energy such as solar, and talked about their no out-of-pocket program and free electricity, which is only true to the extent you don't count the money you pay them.
Until recently, Marc was president of Northwest Mortgage Solutions, and has been employed by several mortgage brokerage firms. As recently as February 2011, he was employed by Sunset Mortgage based in Oregon.
To provide a proposal, he needed my electric usage. He asked for my email address so that I could get back to him with these details. He also provided his cell number 503-267-9191.  
Eli/2:4/11/2011 18:15 Clarabelle,
Education Savings a.k.a. Educational Savings Network a.k.a. Consumer Credit Counseling a.k.a Consumer Credit Counseling Service
Anaheim, CA
Clarabelle claimed to be calling from "Education Savings", said that they could save money as a debt management service, not debt settlement, which ruins your credit; when I asked how I knew they wouldn't just run off with my money, she explained this program was set up by credit card agencies. She eventually connected me with Thor, who responded to this question by pointing out that there wasn't any point buying boat insurance if I didn't have a boat.

I called back, at the number Clarabelle had given me, and was told the company was actually "Educational Savings Network". This person told me that they were running a "government monitored hardship program", but she didn't know what the program was called. She also clarified that this was not actually a government program. She ultimately stated that they were actually an "enrollment agent" for Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

no request made  
Eli/2:5/20/2011 18:45 Chris,
Acro Energy Chris said he was calling from Green Energy.

After I asked some questions and asked him again which company this was, he said it was White Energy. When I pointed out the confusion of going by two different names (both colors!), he said he thought that I was going to report him, and that telemarketers are supposed to lie. He additionally stated that telemarketers have a right to lie to protect themselves.

After asking if he could assure me that my monthly electric bills under this program would be less than they currently are, he transferred me to Miss Crystal. (Unlike other telemarketers for this company, he didn't bother to confirm that I wasn't receiving a discount on my electric rate.) He gave her my phone number, but Crystal had to ask him to repeat the phone number, because instead of giving it as the 3-digit area code, 3-digit prefix, and 4-digit line number, he gave it as a 4-digit group, another 4-digit group, and then a 2-digit group. This is often disconcerting to someone accustomed to the "3-3-4" grouping usually used for U.S. and Canada phone numbers.

When I gave Crystal my name, she remembered that I had spoken with her in the last couple of weeks (or else this had come up on her computer). She said that the information package that Chris had offered to send me had been mailed out just the day before, and asked if she could call me to discuss Acro Energy's program later.

Although I did not ask to be put on the DNCL, Chris apologized for the multiple calls from Green Energy, and said she would make sure they take me off their calling list.  
Eli/1:5/30/2011 09:49 Tom with Home Protection   This wasn't a recorded message, but he basically ignored any question I asked, such as the name of the company. He hung up on me when I said that he was being non-responive. There was no chance to ask to be put on the DNCL.  
Eli/1:6/2/2011 20:15 Danil Demiya
Brian Kitchens
California Homepro Danil said they were looking for people whose homes they could use for marketing purposes. She provided her name and name of the company, when I asked purpose of call, she said it was not a solicitation, but then transferred to her supervisor, Brian. Brian provided phone number on request but when I asked to repeat it, he seemed to omit digits and refused to state it so that I could actually understand. Then he announced that he was put me on the DNCL and terminating the call, without giving me a chance to get a correct phone number. I obtained the phone number from the California Homepro web site. After being hung up on once, I called back and Brian answered. He agreed to mail me the DNCP.  

The National Directory of Telemarketers may help to identify the telemarketer that placed the call. Check out for suggestions on how to collect from businesses that don't follow the FTC Do Not Call regulations. Another intersting site with advice on how to collect is at

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