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Fremont Bank is a commercial bank operating in the San Francisco bay area. They've been offering a few different personal checking account products, one of the somewhat distinctive features being available in some products is rebating of ATM surcharges. Aside from that, they have the usual waiver of monthly maintenance fees based on maintaining certain account balance levels.

Recently, Fremont Bank sent their existing customers an email about a new product offering called "Just Right Checking". They provided a phone number to call, but they didn't provide a link to a page that described this new product.

So I clicked on the only link they did provide, which was the Fremont Bank home page, and with a little bit of effort, I found this link labeled as "Just Right Checking":

Now here's where I got waylaid:

I perused the page, looking for information on the "Just Right Checking" product. I found descriptions of the Loyalty Checking product, the Freedom Checking product, the B-Charitable Checking product, as well as the Value Checking and Student Checking products. Nothing about "Just Right Checking".

I saw a link offered to let me compare the different checking products, so I clicked on that. There was a table comparing different checking products, the very same ones listed above, but no information on the "Just Right" checking account, even though the page title referred to "Just Right" checking.

So now it's slowly becoming clear that the problem isn't that Fremont Bank overlooked information about "Just Right" checking, but that I'm confused about what "Just Right" checking is.

Just Right Checking isn't one product, it's simply the name for their current offering of 5 different personal checking account products. The "new" thing is a debit card rewards program, but they don't tell you enough about that to enable any kind of informed decision. the one thing that does distinguish them from many other banks is still having ATM rebates included for most of these accounts.

I imagine that someone realized that they just had this legacy set of personal checking account products, and that's the marketing problem they're hoping to solve. Really, they should just focus on the ATM rebate feature of their checking accounts. This is still a long-running gripe with people. For those who don't want to meet the minimum deposit requirement, they can still have the monthly fee waived with $500 monthly in direct deposits.

So there it is: even if you're just working half-time at a minimum wage job, as long as your employer offers direct deposit, Fremont Bank has a checking account for you without any monthly maintenance charge, which lets you use almost any ATM without any charge either. What more can you ask for?

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