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A couple of months ago (in April 2012), it was noted that a web search for "HD Supply" would produce "HD Supply Solutions" as the top hit returned, and that this would be confusing to people who were interested in one of the other HD Supply businesses, such as "Repair and Remodel" (hereinafter referred to as "HDSRR").

This problem seems to have been fixed for the moment, at least as far as the results obtained with Google search. The top hit is now for, and that hit includes a "locations" link at Clicking on the locations link gives you the opportunity to specify the line of business, so if you're aware of it, you have the chance to recognize "repair and remodel". This is a huge improvement, but my guess (pulled out of my ass) is that recognition of "repair and remodel" by people within the HDSRR market areas is probably not a lot higher than 50%.

Several other search engines still list "HD Supply Solutions" ( as the top non-sponsored site, possibly relying on web site rankings such as those provided by Alexa ( According to Alex, ranks at around 158,000, while is down around 381,000, while and are ranked at around 7 million and over 20 million respectively.

One thing that's somewhat of a curiosity on pages on the HD Supply site ( is the set of links for the cities of Phoenix, Atlanta, and Tampa/Orlando. The easy impression to get is that these are the only places that HD Supply serves, and this erroneous impression is further reinforced by clicking one one of these links and being presented with a list of the various lines of business serving each area. Of course, none of these will mention HDSRR, because that's only in California. They could so easily improve on this by including links for Northern California and Southern California!

I completely get it that HDSRR has no plans to provide online ordering ... or even an online catalog. That may be a perfectly reasonable business decision for them to make. What's not reasonable is for HD Supply to be indifferent to their obligation to attempt to reduce the confusion that results from their branding decisions. This isn't an unreasonable expectation, it's not onerous, and it's not even expensive, but their failure to do this is just lame.

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