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Is Ebay Motors Assurance Program worth the bytes it's written on?

That's the question you'll want an answer to before you bid on that vehicle on Ebay.

According to a report on KGO Channel 7, the ABC-TV affiliate in San Francisco, a couple purchased a pickup truck from a Texas dealer for $23,000, only to discover after they drove it home that it had been involved in a fatal automobile accident and had severe frame damage that rendered it unsafe to drive.

After trying to resolve the problem with the seller, they filed a claim with Ebay's insurance program, only to have it denied because they had waited 36 days from the transaction date. The time limit is 35 days. This limitation is documented on the Ebay Motors Insurance Program page at

Obviously Ebay would like bidders to believe they can be confident that they will receive the vehicle they bid on and that it will be as described, but it's also the case that they don't really want to pay the price.

A time limit for filing claims helps to ensure that there's a time certain beyond which a claim may not be filed, helps deter fraud, and helps to avoid claims where the documentary evidence has been lost or destroyed. But a period as short as 35 days only serves as an excuse for denying otherwise valid claims.

Even if there had been some way for the couple to follow the Ebay Motors procedure and still file the claim within the 35 day time limit, the insurance company would most likely have found some other excuse for denying this claim.

Check out the Ebays Motors Assurance Program Procedures web search for Ebays Motors Assurance Program Procedures to see just how difficult they can make it to file a qualifying claim.

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