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It is not unusual for a business to attempt to silence its critics. In the Edifi College Financial Aid Services Company Statement web search for Edifi College Financial Aid Services Company Statement, a representative of Edifi admits to actively monitoring the web for statements that disparage their company. How far they go to silence their critics is unclear, but it does seem clear that they aren't always upfront about their participation in the discussion when they attempt to rebut the statements of their critics.

To be sure, I have no knowledge that the services provided by Edifi are not useful and worthwhile. However, it is clear to me that they use deceptive sales techniques, just on the basis of the solicitation I received.

  1. Their mailing is pretentious. It is addressed in script, in the form of a formal invitation, when it's actually a solicitation to attend their sales presentation.
  2. It is written to give the recipient the impression that attending the "free personal interview" is required to maximize eligibility for financial assistance.
  3. It gives the impression, by stating that the student "has been selected as one of the students ... eligible to apply for grants ..." and other benefits, that in the absence of this selection and attendance at the interview, that the student would not be eligible for those grants, and by inference, that failure to attend the interview would cause the student to be ineligible for these benfits.
  4. The solicitation fails to note that the interview is in fact a presentation to sell their services.

In short, they are pretending that the student has been fortunate to be selected, and will (assuming they repond to the invitation) likely be able to obtain financial aid that they would not otherwise receive, and makes various deceptive statements in order to achieve the end of having the prospects attend their sales presentation.

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