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I am sickened on the way that you describe our company as fraudulent and "scammers". Who ever published the article about the equity accelerator need to learn what the definition of fraud or "scam" really means. I can understand it if our company took money and then did not give what it offered. The customer has the freedom to choose whether or not they wish to pay for this service or not. In fact, when a customer calls us and asks the question "Can't I do this myself?", our employees are trained to explain that they can do it alone and we even explain to them how to acheive the same benefits. Did you know that only 3% of Americans pay extra principle with their mortgage. The program is in place for customers who know that they won't be able to consistently pay these extra amounts month over month. This program is a financial tool to help those who need it. If they can do it themselves, that is a decision only they can make. If they like the idea, the can join the other 1 million+ customers who are now using the program . This is not called fraud or a SCAM. I agree that there are many scams out their, but I resent the fact that the company I work for is so easily marked as a scam, when indeed, it's the exact opposite.

So please, just remember, it's good to learn more about the program you write about before publishing. You give a bad perception by explaining the program "WRONG". For example, I read an article similar to yours that stated we charged 295.00 USD and 2.50 per withdrawal to accelerate the payoff on your home. That is correct! However, it fails to explain that you can also add as many other loans to the program for just 1.00 per month and no upfront fees. How easily it fails to explain that the 295 enrollment fee is a lifetime 1-time fee that you can use for the rest of your life. In fact, that enrollment fee even allow your spouse to add his or her loans to the program. I bet I am making this program even sound good to you. In fact, we even offer a full refund within 90 days. If a payment is ever lost or late, we work with the mortgage company to pay have it waived. If we can't waive it, we are contractually required to refund the customer for any late fees. (if we were at fault) I personally use the program and it is one of the best choices I have even made. I dont even have to worry about getting that check in the mail, and I have the peace of mind that I am building equity on my loan every month. I no longer have to even worry about my car note as half of it comes out of my bank account 1 day after I get paid.

It would be ok to explain the program, and explain that it can be done without paying for it. But not to slander the company's image by using words such as "fraud" and "scams". Everyone company is in business to make money, some are legit and some are not.

By the way, equity accelerator is a Western Union Division. Do you still think they are frauds?


Anonymous Employee

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