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This is reproduced without permission under the Fair Use Doctrine. Originally posted at is registered to: Henry Martin, Global Vision, The Old Rectory, SO21 3PG, Winchester, GB

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Network Marketing - Is it for you?

Q - Is Network Marketing a Real Business?

A - Many people have misconceptions about this industry. Consider these facts:

Q - Is this a Pyramid? - Click here to see 'Pyramid Scams Exposed.' - This may shock you!

A - The more appropriate question would be, “Is this an illegal pyramid?” All successful organizations are operated as a ‘pyramid’ - a leader or founder at the top and branching out to the levels of support staff at the bottom (i.e. - Microsoft, Virgin Group and Sainsbury’s). Even governments operate using this principle. It forms the basis of a strong foundation for any structure or business. Network Marketing is NOT an illegal pyramid system or you wouldn’t have so many of these companies now listed on the world’s stock markets. In an illegal pyramid scheme, the person at the top always makes the most money [lie!] and money is created when individuals join up. In a legitimate Network Marketing company, it is the people who are the most productive who earn the most income regardless of where they are positioned. Advancement to the top levels of income potential is available to all that put in the effort. With this said, it is critical that you do your own research when considering any Network Marketing company, especially if you are new to the industry. I highly recommend a website called for anyone considering this field. If you don’t have a computer, find someone who does or go to the library. This website contains a wealth of information and acts as a ‘watchdog’ for the industry.

Q - How Much Money Can I Make?

A - How much would you like to make? How much time are you willing to commit to building your business? The bottom line is - you’ll get out of it what you put into it. It works...if you do - just like any other business. The person who spends 5 hours a week and really works their business will be far more successful than the person who spends 20 hours a week thinking about working their business! And don’t forget - the income you create is residual. This basically means that for the work you do today, you have the potential to earn money not only for today but also for years to come.

Q - Do I Have to Hold Meetings or Parties?

A - That depends largely on the company you chose to work with and the system they have in place. Some businesses require that you are more personally involved and some are virtually Internet based. One of the greatest features of this business is that success can be achieved by using a variety of methods. You often choose the methods YOU are comfortable with. Excel/VarTec have an infrastructure in place using a variety of systems to help you succeed.

Q - I Don’t Have the Cash Right Now.

A - If you don’t have the comparatively small amount that it takes to start a business of your own - you need this business! Think about it! If a brand new, £45,000 Mercedes were offered to you for £200, would you find the money somehow to buy it? Go and get the money because having your own business could be worth a lot more than that Mercedes! The real question is, “If you continue to do what you are doing now, will this provide you with the financial independence and time freedom you desire?” If not, then you will want to direct your energy towards creating a recurring, passive income stream and find a way to leverage your time and efforts.

Q - Why Aren’t More People Involved?

A - That can be summed up in two words - misconceptions and timing. The general public just doesn’t understand what Network Marketing is or it’s incredible earning potential, but that’s finally starting to change. Right now it’s estimated that only about 8% of the population is involved in Network Marketing. Industry analysts predict this number will rise to 15% in just a few years. Corporate downsizing, job loss and, in many cases, increasingly poor wages are forcing people to look elsewhere when considering their future. [The DSA’s web site shows statistics on the continual growth of the industry and can visited at ] You can position yourself to take advantage of this trend by getting started now. The timing is outstanding. When is the best time to participate in an opportunity? When it’s hardly known or when everyone knows about it? Obviously, you want to be positioned to capture this growth, as the market becomes aware of the growing realization of Network Marketing as a viable business as our company track record proves. As we gain momentum, the people that participate now will reap the rewards for years to come if they are willing to put in a concentrated effort for 2 - 3 years. [As Excel’s expansion in to Canada has demonstrated].

Q - What Does It Take To Be Successful?

A - Many think the key to success is having a positive attitude and working hard. While these two attributes are critical, they are not enough. For starters - you have to be in the right vehicle. Network Marketing IS that vehicle. You will be provided with the ‘blueprint’ for a successful business and will receive guidance and support from many of the biggest producers and income earners in the history of Network Marketing. For example, if the business you chose utilizes the Internet extensively and you are not comfortable with your level of knowledge in this area, you have a personal sponsor to teach you as well as the support of other team members within Vision Group behind that sponsor [including people trained in IT] Remember this! A good sponsor will help you every step of the way if you show a sincere desire to learn. Your success and his/hers are directly tied together Everyone’s success is dependent on the desire to learn from others and to pass that knowledge on! If you duplicate what successful people have done, your chances for success will increase dramatically. Some of the key ingredients that you must bring to your business to be successful are:

Q - I Make Good Money - Why Invest My Time?

A - If you lost your job or became chronically ill or disabled, how long could you continue paying the bills? Most people have less than a two month financial cushion Whether you are a construction worker, a teacher, a doctor a lawyer or a self-employed business owner, if YOU don’t go to work, YOU don’t make any money. Network Marketing is about putting your own effort into a business that you can build over a period of a few years in order to create an ongoing, residual income that will allow you to continue to earn income for years in the future. Some of the companies out there today even offer you the ability to legally ‘will’ your residual income to beneficiaries. Very few people in this industry become the 'superstars' earning an annual salary or more in monthly residual income. A much more realistic target is one where an individual puts in 10 - 15 hours of consistent effort over a period of 2 - 3 years with one good company and builds a monthly residual of £3,000 - £5,000. Whether each individual actually accomplishes this goal depends entirely on that individuals efforts, persistence and belief level. What would an extra £3,000 a month for the rest of your life mean to you and your family?

Do we still need to ask you why you should invest your time?

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