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Marie wrote:

I wrote a letter on Monday, October 31, 2006 and mailed it directly as well as immediately canceling the charge on my credit card in the amount of 750.00. I phoned the scam artists and attempted to tell them that I didn't want to do business with them and didn't want to be a part in their scam and was told that I had exceeded the '3 days' on the contract to change your mind. I indicated to them that we were there on Saturday and Sunday and Monday were their closed times and that this was within the 3 day time.

The contract that you signed should make it clear that membership is not available on a trial basis. The right to exercise the 3-day right of rescission is at the discretion of the DirectBuy franchise. You're so stupid to assume it's a scam because of the comments you've read on the internet by people who aren't even members of DirectBuy, so how could they know it's a scam? You have this great opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars, and you want to throw that all away!

I also indicated that the sales guy never disclosed this...their response was 'it is in writing on the contract' and their expectation is that I am going to pay this 5491.00 anyway. The woman was rude (I believe her name was Peggy) and condescending.

At least you admit you never bothered to read the contract! The woman had a right to be rude, given that you were trying to renege on a contract that you voluntarily agreed to.


thegordons119308 wrote:

The DirectBuy price offered averaged 20-50% less according to the center manager. BUT, I wrote down a few prices and the magic ended when I researched the first item, a 46" Sony Bravia - the manufacturer's retail price matched DirectBuy's example - MRP $2799 but the actual DirectBuy price of $2251 was still more than my local Circuit City's price, $2099. The second item was a 21.8 cu. ft. refrigerator - the manufacturer's retail price matched DirectBuy's example - MRP $2299 but the DirectBuy claimed price of $1419 was lower than the $1900 retail price shown on the internet. The third item was a Jacuzzi - we were particularly interested in that one since we had priced them two days ago at all the local retailers. DirectBuy's price of $1131 was blown away by Lowe's price of $974. [Note that we didn't know the prices on the TV and refrigerator at the time we were at DirectBuy's office but we did know the price of the Jacuzzi.] Needless to say, the Jacuzzi sowed some seeds of doubt in the process.

Well you notice that Circuit City has since gone out of business. Sounds like DirectBuy has knocked out the competition! Apparently your refrigerator comparison was valid, but do you really think that the Jacuzzi being offered by DirectBuy was the same cheap junk that Lowe's was selling?


embarrased wrote:

Where were you a year ago when we were pressured into buying a membership? I told my husband I feel like we paid $5000.00 for four cups of coffee.

After a year we have yet to find a good deal. We have passed up deals because we feel obligated to buy at Direct Buy. I would do anything to get out of it.

You must be looking for the kind of bottom of the line quality available through stores like Wal-Mart and Lowes. DirectBuy provides savings on much higher quality products. If you don't appreciate this quality, and choose to save yourself a few pennies buying the cheap stuff at Wal-Mart, then of course you won't realize the benefits DirectBuy offers. You're incredibly stupid!


Message Author wrote:

My parents ... purchased a dishwasher for over $700 that they could have bought directly from Sears at a lower cost. When we picked up the dishwasher the box had been slashed open on two sides of the box. They told us that it was opened so they could see if the correct product was shipped. They loaded the dishwasher into the back of my van. I then brought it to a freight company where they placed the dishwasher on a pallet and then sealed it right in front of me.

Once my parents received it and unpacked it they noticed that the front of the dishwasher had a large gash in it, this gash was in the exact area in which DirectBuy had slashed open the box “to check” the merchandise. DirectBuy [told them] that we caused the damage and that they would do nothing. [After contacting VISA regarding this,] Direct Buy now says they will split the cost of repair.

Your parents were very fortunate to have been able to join DirectBuy, but you're an idiot for thinking that this incident shows otherwise.

The dishwasher your parents could have "bought directly from Sears at a lower cost" could not have been anything like what they got from DirectBuy. They most likely saved about $2000 on this dishwasher, and now you're saying that a tiny little scratch that showed up was caused by DirectBuy rather than the freight company that obviously caused the damage.

Of course, a regular store could have taken care of this, even if it wasn't their fault, because they have such big profit margins. They can afford to spend a couple of hundred dollars on satisfying the customer when the sale gives them a profit of a couple of thousand dollars.

But DirectBuy operates without any profit margin, so you can't expect that they're going to compensate a customer for the damages they caused. The fact that you expect otherwise shows that you're just being unreasonable!

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