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I have a few questions about Excel as to how it pertains as a pyramid structure. Firstly, I wouldn't call it a "recruitment fee" at all, because those nuances imply that the money does go to the upline. Excel works in a system where we market phone and communication services in a duplicatable model, outlined by those who came before us in Excel. This is no different than Ray Crock's system of duplication/success in the McDonald's model. Currently, it will cost a person around 1.2 million dollars to start up a private franchise in the McDonald's industry. It certainly doesn't cost 1.2 million dollars to operate the facility, so the justification of that high number is the LICENSING FEES to put the name of McDonalds out front on the signs. Suppose a person from one side of the country (or world) had a McDonalds hamburger, and wished to have the same tasting burger at a different place. They traveled cross-country, only to find another McDonalds where they wished to have the exact same tasting burger. That is a duplicatable model, because we know the success of McDonalds is based on its distributors around the world. A private McDonalds franchise was REQUIRED to pay that 1.2 million dollars towards a licensing fee to pu the name of McDonalds on a sign. This is virtually no different than Excel. Our licensing fees allow us to be independant distributors of the Excel name.

The very insinuation of a pyramid structure is that the 'upline' will always receive more money than a new member. This is not the case in Excel as a distributor. The promotional levels of an Excel representative is based on the work that has been put out, and does not (in any way) directly monetarily reward the original upline, if the work was not done by that upline. The person who does the work gets paid, due to customers paying a phone bill every single month as long as they are an Excel customer.

I hope that you take the time to read this letter, and if possible-a response back would be much appreciated.


Clayton C.


You're willing to use specious reasoning and lies to justify your assertion that Excel is not a pyramid scheme. I don't know whether you do this knowingly or as a result of ignorance. In either case, I'm not going to waste my time debating with someone who exmploys such tactics.
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