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The fax spam transcribed below was obtained from (see page 7 of the PDF file). It was appended to a legit fax which the FDA received and posted on their site.

Nothing particularly special about this other than observing the result of a minor clerical error by somebody working at the FDA.

07/13/02 08:44:48 -> 301 443 9664 <-1 301 443-9664-> Page 001



Re: Consultants Needed Immediately - Income Range $300,000 to $750,000 First Year

Who We’re Looking For:
Experienced business professionals are immediately needed to satisfy the demand for marketing consulting services:

Earn A Top 1% Income By Making Businesses More Money:

We are marketing consultants. We show companies how to get more results -- or in other words, how to make more MONEY -- from all of their marketing and advertising dollars they spend.

Example: A moving company spends $3,000 a month in the Yellow Pages for a full-page ad, and that ad generates an average of 70 calls per month. What if you could take that same full page ad that costs $3,000 a month, and by just changing what it says, and how it says it-now, instead of getting 70 calls a month, the ad generated an average of 955 calls a month? This is getting more results -- making more money -- with no more money spent. Think about it, if you could get those kinds of results for a company, do you think you’d be well compensated?

That’s what we do as marketing consultants. We use a proprietary system to get those kinds of results which changes the way companies do their marketing and advertising. Not radical changes that are “creative” or strange or weird. Our process is very systematic, and it works for any kind of company in any industry. Anyone with a strong business background can implement this system.

Our Competitors Hate Our Guts - Care To Join Us?

We compete head to head with large traditional advertising agencies who take money from their clients with no accountability for results. They hate our guts because we expose our results-gettmg processes to our clients so they can evaluate for themselves and show them step-by-step how to make more money every time they run an ad, produce a brochure, or send a sales person out in the field. The ad agencies hate us so bad because we threaten their very existence; they even call us the "anti-agency."

We are in the middle phases of building a ONE BILLION dollar company that will lead and dominate the entire marketing and advertising industry. We work through highly-trained, highly experienced independent consultants who are trained on our systems and implement them for companies all over the country. This is not a job offering. This notice is for individuals who want to leverage their skills and start their own business.

What You Need To Do Next:

We will be holding a free orientation seminar in your area in about 4 weeks. If you think you might be qualified, and if you’re interested-or even if you're just curious... call us and ask for a FREE Seminar Preview Package. It contains a CD Program that gives a complete overview of the business to help you decide whether or not to attend the seminar.

To have the FREE Seminar Preview Package rushed to you, please call 800-560-6426.


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