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Fidelity Reader Service aka Fidelity Readers Service
aka Abel T. Kellam's Chupacabras
aka Ron Szitas Sales
aka Money Train Express aka MTX
aka TKO Sales
aka Tsunami Sales

address: 100 Aviation Dr S Suite 203, Naples, FL 34104
address: 4835 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229 (Interstate Subscription Service web search for Interstate Subscription Service)
address: 5775 Soundview Drive Suite 103-C, Gig Harbor, WA 98335 (Pacific Coast Clearing Services web search for Pacific Coast Clearing Services)
phone: 866-444-7031
phone: 800-649-7566 (old number)
phone: 239-659-0009
fax: 239-659-0032

See Fidelity Reader Service Policies web search for Fidelity Reader Service Policies for information on company policy (cancellations, refunds, etc.)

Fidelity Reader Service used to clear subscriptions through Interstate Subscription Service web search for Interstate Subscription Service and Pacific Coast Clearing Services web search for Pacific Coast Clearing Services but is no longer affiliated with either of these companies.

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Other Reports

Door-To-Door Salesmen Arrested

Sheriff’s crime analysis personnel are warning local residents to be aware of particularly pushy magazine salesmen operating in the Spokane area, two of whom were arrested in separate incidents this week. Nathon Anthony Verwiebe, a 19-year-old transient, was arrested Monday afternoon and booked into jail on charges of Second-Degree Burglary and Second-Degree Theft. He listed his employer as Fidelity Reader Service.

Deputies were called to a “Theft In Progress” in the 8400-block of North Mountain View Lane about 3:30 p.m. Monday. A complainant reported that a man had stolen a purse from a car parked in a residential garage, and that the suspect was being chased. The witness was able to retrieve the purse, but the suspect escaped before deputies arrived. The victim told deputies she had parked in her garage and was unloading groceries from the trunk. She said that when she went into her home with a load, the suspect stole the purse from the open trunk. Neighbors watching a male going from door to door saw the man take the purse from the car. They pursued him and saw him drop the purse. A short time later, Deputy Shawn Hause was checking the area and discovered a van with Texas license plates parked at Carolina Way and County Homes Blvd. The van contained four men who were in the area selling magazines. None matched the suspect’s description. However, a fifth salesman, Verwiebe, was spotted walking in the area of the van. Witnesses were able to identify him as the purse thief and he was arrested. In a second incident, Raymond E. Romaniuk, 18, a transient from North Dakota, was arrested for First-Degree Criminal Trespass and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Deputies were dispatched to the area of 1400 South McDonald Road in the Spokane Valley on a “Persons Bothering” call. A 24-year-old female resident told Deputy Darin Staley that Romaniuk had let himself into her home without being invited while her child distracted her. The suspect sat on her couch, would not leave when she asked, and began asking her personal questions about her love life. The suspect asked if she smoked marijuana, and stated he never is without his drug pipe. After demanding he leave numerous times, the suspect finally left the home and was last seen walking eastbound on Fifteenth. Staley spotted the suspect a short distance away and noted that he had a tongue ring and marijuana pipe as described by the victim.

The victim was able to identify Romaniuk and he was arrested on the two misdemeanor charges. He too stated he was employed by Fidelity Reader Service. In both incidents, the suspects stated they would be selling magazines for the next few weeks in the Spokane area. Residents should be careful not to allow door-to-door salesmen inside their homes, and to be aware of their actions as they walk through residential neighborhoods.

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