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i got the card and had the max of 250. i would use it for the month thinking that it would build my credit by using it to pay all my monthly expensies.i would put aside my money and would make another payment (so thats 2 payments per month).

i paid it off each month if not twice if i reached the balance before the end of the month. i wasn't late and when i went for a credit increase it was denied because i had a high usage. also that i took too many cash advances which totaled to 3. they also stated that i needed to pay in a timely mannor which i paid before the due date.

then to top it off. i was charged the annual fee which i didnt catch on my statement. they charged $ 50 and then with that charge done by them, threw my account into an overlimit on which they added another 29 dollars.

i have had other credit cards and they waived the over limit fee if it was due to something of that nature. i called the cc comp. and spoke to 2 people and a supervisor. they stated that it was too bad and that was the way it was.

plus when i threatened to cancel they were more than happy to lose my account. i have another company and i have explain my situation to them and they stated that i would not be penalized for using it and then paying the full balance as i had been with premier. this has been the worst cc comp i have ever had and the customer service sucks. am i the only one with these kind of problems?

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