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This 55-year old female would like to thank you for putting up a warning about 1st Premier Bank. My husband had a run in with them and it took him the biggest end of 11 months to get it straightened out.

At the time the bank was advertising on tv (at the time we lived in Nashville, TN) and my husband called to get the card. To make a long story short my husband NEVER received a card but, instead we got a bill and it was just exactly like you explained; there was an annual fee of $50.00, a monthly fee that equated to $72.00 per year and yes he was told it was a "one-time fee" and the good old acceptance fee of $119.00 and lets not forget the processing fee of $19.00. To say the least when he got the bill he blew up. He called the bank's customer service line and he told them he never received the card but they were adamant about him paying off this balance. He told them "no way" am I going to pay for something that I don't even have. After several phone calls, certified letters, we finally told them that we were going to get our attorney involved they backed off and about two weeks later my husband got a phone call and was told that they were closing the account and that my husband had a zero balance. I just happened to be sitting there and naturally only heard one end of the conversation but, I hollered at my husband and told him to tell them to "put it in writing" and would you believe they balked at this request! About 2 months later, and a few more phone calls we did get our "paid in full" letter. I just pray that folks applying for a credit card read this as my husband went thru pure "you know what" getting this account closed. I really don't see how these folks are staying in business.

The reason I went looking for 1st Premier Bank's website is that they are e-mailing me and I've been hitting the "unsubscribe" button for approximately two weeks. To say the least I'm livid as they put my poor husband thru pergatory.

Even if Jim had received the card if I remember he would only have had about $75.00 and he never would have accepted the card under those terms.

All I remember is the customer service agent Jim spoke with verified his address and that a card had been sent out approximately two weeks prior. I have to laugh because after several months of arguing with these folks, writing letters and being baggered with phone calls everyday, Jim finally told them on the phone one day that if he had to he would take this all the way to Supreme Court if he had to and then we will see who comes out on top. We never paid them one red cent and I told Jim to tell them if they messed up our credit we would DEFINITELY see them in court for that also. Luckily our credit was not messed up, and finally like I said after 11 months they finally gave up on us.

To this day if I know of anyone who is trying to get a credit card from 1st Premier I tell them go somewhere else....DO NOT GOT TO 1ST PREMIER. I was so happy to see your web site out there tonight when I was doing some research as I hope folks will check them out first.

One last thing, the only way that we got their customer service number was on the bill that they sent. The number that went across the tv the day that we called was another company taking the information from folks and somehow they passed the information on to 1st Premier.

I don't know how those folks are staying in business and usually I always hope for a company to do well but, this is one company that I would love to see go down the tubes!!

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