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As received by the Cagey Consumer:

This is a copy of the letter that I sent to that rip off bank called FIRST PREMIER BANK:

To whoever receives this letter:

I received a letter from your bank dated February 17, 2006 congratulating me that my request for a Master Card had been approved.

In this letter I was informed that there was a $39.00 processing fee and this amount of money was to be sent to your office before my credit card would be activated. I also only had a sixty day time limit to get this thirty nine dollar processing fee sent or my rquest would be denied.

I sent a FEDERAL MONEY ORDER it was sent well within this sixty day time limit. However what your office failed to inform me of was not only was there a thirty nine dollar processing fee there were also (A LOT) of (HIDDEN FEES)that your office failed to inform me of such as ($29.00 set-up fee) (A $95.00 Program Fee) (A $48.00 annual Fee) (a $72.00 Participation Fee) (A $20.00 Additional card fee).

I was offered a $250.00 dollar limit fee on my card, and if you add the total up of all the HIDDEN FEES this comes up to a total of $264.00. So your telling me I owe your compan $264.00 dollars to get a $250.00 dollar credit card?

To be totally honest with you I am not interested in doing any business with your company and I am well within the time limit to request my thirty nine dollars back that your company stated that would be refuned if I wasn't completely pleased with my credit card deal.

Well I am not pleased with the HIDDEN FEES that were not included in the letter I received from your Bank. When I sent a POSTAL MONEY ORDER this made this matter a FEDERAL ISSUE. Also this postal money order crossed state lines giving the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT the right to Prosecute if the FIRST PREMIER BANK breaks its own contract.

You can forward my thirty nine dollars to the above address, and do not send me any credit cards from your bank. Take a look at the internet and you will find for yourself that there is a class action law suit being put together as I write this letter. If my money is not returned to me as stated in your contract my name will also be on that class action law suit.

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