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I just received another of these offers from First Premier Bank. No red ink on the envelope same type of scam. The difference is the Account set up fee remains at $25. The one time Program fee is $95 The annual Fee is $48 and the Participation Fee is $72 annually which is now billed at $6 per month. There is another one that also comes from SDAK, which shames me as I am from there, and it is Home something... same type of scam. You can't even find the bank listed in the city records for an address. These both appear to be mailing addresses only.

There are other better companies out there such as Capital One. They had a one time fee of about $59 and the same $6 per month but I negotiated it down to $3 per month and also got the card increased from its $500 starting limit to $1000 just by indicating I was going to cancel due to the fee. They were very receptive and the young lady actually had the authority to make the change. What a difference.

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