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Leading the Revolution by Gary Hamel, ISBN 1578511895

status: for sale

This book has been subsequently revised. The newer edition, subtitled "How to thrive in turbulent times by making innovation a way of life" is ISBN 1951391466.

But this is the one you want... it has pages and pages (39 by my count) that reference and generally tout whatever Enron did.

The new edition is an exercise in pure intellectual dishonesty. I urge instructors to avoid including any Gary Hamel textbooks (other than this one) from any classes they teach. Students should boycott classes where the "revised" Gary Hamel textbook is used. Courses should be taught using the old textbook, which will be far more instructive than anything obtained by reading Hamel's revised edition.

Harvard Business School Press should be giving purchasers "double their money back", because by publishing the revised edition with all the praise of Enron excised, they are admitting that the wisdom expressed in their books is worth less than the paper it's printed on.

The Harvard Business School policy states that academically dishonest activities are considered unacceptable. Is it a more serious form of academic dishonesty to take credit for someone else's work rather than to fail to take responsibility for your own? I don't think so.

Sure, this isn't the only instance where an author drops examples which no longer serve their purpose, but there's a big lesson to be learned, that an operation like Enron was able to fool supposed experts. We shouldn't miss that opportunity so that one of the fooled experts can save face. It's time to call a spade a spade, and that spade is academic dishonesty by Gary Hamel with Harvard Business School Press facilitating.

Even today, Hamel touts himself as "the world's most profound business thinker." Read the wikipedia page about him at

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