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Thie page concerns the following location:

Freedom Wireless (also known as Almaden Cellular)
4750 Almaden Expressway
San Jose, CA
phone: 408-448-8600

I have no knowledge whether other retailers using the name Freedom Wireless are connected with this company.

This company advertised the following offer as "Plan A" (from the 5/22/2004 edition of San Jose Mercury News):

Free Phone
250 Anytime Minutes
Free Weekends
Free Digital Roaming
Free Voice Mail and Call ID
Free 3 Way Calling
Plan consists of 6 $10 rebates.

When I called them, I asked who the carrier was for "Plan A" and the person I was speaking to started spewing out several names. He asked my location and recommended T-Mobile. I asked about the term of the contract agreement for this plan and he said it was for 12 months.

Here's the experience of someone who was interested in their Emergency Plan:

I was interested in the emergency plan for 4.95/month but the company seems a little fishy. I did find that there is a company called "Almaden Cellular" same location and same phone number which explains why they always answer the phone with "wireless"

They claim the emergency plans is with Cingular and it is a year contract. If I knew this to be on the up and up I would go for it but there is very little to support this. Cingular does not list them and nor does T-Mobile??


I was quite skeptical of their emergency plan as well but thought I'd give it a try. I'm on my third month and seems thing to be legitimate so far.

Here's the deal. This is a 1 year contract with T-Mobile. You have to pay $20 for taxes to start with (guess it's on the free phone). The first month you get billed by T-Mobile for $39.95 and a connection/startup charge (thinks that was $30). Freedom wireless will pay you back $35 to get you back to $4.95. After the first month your plan is supposed to switch to $19.95/month for 60 minutes. Mine didn't switch as supposed to so they will pay me the $20 difference. After you pay your bill for 3 months, Freedom Wireless is supposed to send you a check for 8 months x $15/month to make up the difference between $19.95 and $4.95. As I haven't hit the 3 month mark I can't comment on that, yet. Anyway, you do have to pay the $19.95 for the last 4 months.

So, seems to be a pretty good deal so far. When you go there and sign up, the lack of information, and the way they deal with you, makes you wonder how legit. they actually are. Still they have lived up to everything they said would happen.

Scott Evans


I also saw the ad in the mercury and entered into i think plan B where i got 300min per month and after 6 months i was promised a rebate so the price/month would match what was advertised. I called after the 7th month and i did not get the rebate in the mail I called the number that was listed and the man said that we had to go pick it up at the store so i drove over there and the store was closed so I called again and he said they were closed to be remodeled but there were no people remodeling it. I went by this store a couple more times and it was always closed. I called again ealier this month and the phone number was dead, the store was gone, all i have is a contract here that has no use and I doubt i will be getting my money back. I called T-Mobile and the person said that they had no record of a company there so it was probably gone and since it was an indirect seller the contract that i have is between me and the now non-existant store so they cant do anything about the money that i was promised. The contract is up next month and i am definatly switching to Cingular.

Does anyone know anything that i can try to get my money back?


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