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After purchasing a Frigidaire dishwasher, I received the following notice from Frigidaire alerting me to the high cost of service calls on Frigidaire major appliances:

Your Frigidaire product incorporates the very best in innovative design, versatility, dependability and energy efficiency. While these innovative features and components make your major appliance more enjoyable to use, they make it far more costly to repair. In fact, as you can see [below], our average service call and repair runs between $150 and $375, depending upon the product.

Typical Repair Costs for Major Appliances

Average Service Call and Repair $150 - $375
Refrigerator Compressor $350
Freezer Sealed System $350
Electric Range Oven Control $220
Gas Range Thermostat $220
Dryer Motor $200
Microwave Electronic Controls $195
Costs for your model may be significantly higher.

Frigidaire is essentially admitting that its entire product line has an inherent vice or defect, one which is not in fact revealed prior to purchase. That should help in prevailing against them in an action for damages based on above-average repair costs.

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