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Global Readers Service
address: P. O. Box 91656, Cleveland, OH 44101
address: 1996 West 3rd St., Cleveland, OH 44113
phone: 216-241-2277
phone: 888-253-5141
phone: 800-466-2585 (24x7 payment center; call 9-5 ET M-F for customer service)
phone: 888-435-6767 (customer service center)
phone: 888-480-6363
fax: 216-241-2233

linked from Magazine Sales Scams web search for Magazine Sales Scams

See the Do Not Call Log web search for Do Not Call Log for record of calls from this company.

Links about Global Readers Service:

Called Global Readers Service at above phone number provided through one of the reports on Complaint Station at 10:45 a.m. on 7/17/2001 after receiving a telemarketing call from them. Phone was answered as "corporate offices" but said it was Global Readers Service after I asked what company I had reached.

The person I spoke to, later identified as Roberta Kelley, challenged my request for a mailing address, demanding to know why I needed it. Even after indicating it was for my "do not call log", she demanded info from me. I persisted and she eventually gave me the info after which I gave her my phone number so that she could verify it had been added to their DNCL. She indicated that new reps sometimes fail to add people to the DNCL, even though she claimed they are trained regarding do not call requests.

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