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I was scammed on my very first job. They offered some $4000 a month job. Turns out to be a hoax. They wanted me to pay $60 and $95. I really needed a straight hourly job of only $12 an hour. They recently opened up offices in Phoenix as well. There is one in La Mesa too. They are hiring so many managers. Or Manager Trainees. What a joke!

The above is one person's experience with a company advertising high-paying jobs for people with no experience. Unfortunately, people who respond to their advertisements will probably find themselves spending money faster than they're earning it. Read High Tech Safety Experience1 web search for High Tech Safety Experience1 about another prospect who answered High-Tech's ad recently (February 2000), High Tech Safety Experience2 web search for High Tech Safety Experience2 about somebody else who became involved with High-Tech the previous December, and High Tech Safety Experience3  web search for High Tech Safety Experience3 about yet another victim who "learned" the hard way in December 1997.

The following report about the Visalia, California office of High-Tech Safety was prepared by the Fresno BBB on 7/14/1998:

Complaints brought to the attention of this Bureau allege misrepresentations regarding management positions that are actually commissioned sales positions selling the product, Firevoid, a fire retardant. Local offices are independent contractors of High Tech Safety which has corporate offices in Van Nuys, California. The following report is offered by the Better Business Bureau in Colton, California who services the Van Nuys area.

High Tech Safety runs continuous advertisements for management trainees with an earnings claim of $4,000.00 a month. To obtain a position with the company, applicants must pay a $60.00 registration fee and another $95.00 for a sales kit. If hired, applicants actually become independent contractors selling fire safety equipment. To be considered for a management position, sales people must meet or exceed the company's sales quota.

We rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business performance record. The company has a pattern of complaints with the Better Business Bureau alleging misleading and deceptive advertisement practices. Specifically, complaints state that advertisements appear to offer management positions when in reality jobs are in sales.

The company responded to all complaints by offering explanations or giving refunds, however, failed to respond to one other complaint on file. The Better Business Bureau does not endorse, recommend or disapprove of any company, product or service.

Because the above BBB report specifically addresses the operation of an independent contractor, it does not directly implicate High-Tech Safety, Inc. But the modus operandi of advertising for managerial positions, then charging for a background check and sales kit to people responding to the ad, has been reported repeatedly. Check the following link for a similar report about their La Mesa, California operation:

See also High Tech Safety Contacts web search for High Tech Safety Contacts

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