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Supposedly, once upon a time, you might call up a hotel to make a reservation. You would ask for a room for two adults for a particular date, and they might tell you that they had a room with two double beds for one night for $100. If you happened to ask whether they had anything less expensive, they might tell you that they had a "standard" room available for just $85. But if you didn't think to ask that, you might reserve that room at $100 without realizing that you could have gotten a less luxurious room for $15 less.

Now when you request a rate, the standard industry practice is to quote what they call the "best available rate". In the above case, most hotels would automatically quote the $85 price, assuming that the "standard" room was available.

Online reservation systems will typically quote the "best available rate" for each room type, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you couldn't get a rate better than the "best available".

In fact, if a half-dozen people contacted the hotel for a quote for a particular type of room and date, they might each get different rates from the one you would get if you called , and the one guarantee is that none of the prices they were quoted would be higher than the price quoted to you as the "best available rate". In other words, what the hotel claimed to be the "best available rate" was actually the "worst available rate". No lie!

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