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In the process of entering the sweepstakes at the Publishers Clearing House web site, I was required to click on a "sponsor" link.

I selected one about weight loss.

After entering some information about my physical condition etc., I was presented with a "free" offer... here it is from [Wayback archive] :

The InstaTrim program includes:
FREE!! 30 day InstaTrim Sample ( 1 full bottle)
FREE!! On-line interactive weight loss training
FREE!! Weekly Fat loss Tips and Tricks
FREE!! E-book "Weight Loss Secrets Revealed"
FREE!! Meal Plans

Not only does the offer include all of the above, but it also includes a FREE muscle toning bang while supplies last!

The total value of all this free stuff is $129.75, and all I had to pay was a $6.95 shipping and handling charge for 3 day priority mail delivery.

As it happens, there's a link to "terms and conditions", but no clue that it contains the following provision:

Once your order has been placed, the 30 day FREE supply (1 Full Bottle) plus your Muscle Toning Band will be shipped to you via U.S. Priority Mail. Your account will only be charged a small "3 Day Priority Mail" shipping and handling charge of $6.95.

We are so sure InstaTrim will work for you and we will get you to your goals, that in 21 days we are going to send 2 FREE Round Trip Airline tickets along with your 2 full bottles of InstaTrim to complete your AutoShape program. A small charge of $68.85 (50% off the regular price for 2 full InstaTrim bottles), will be applied to your account.

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