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The latest version of Internet Explorer lets you disable popups. Frankly, it's kind of amazing that this capability was ever introduced into the browser. It certainly doesn't provide any great level of confidence that the designers and developers of such software give much thought to the ramifications of including such features.

That said, what should we think about popups? Are they a legitimate usage or are they an undesirable intrusion like spam?

So I'll proffer my thoughts on this and my propsal for dealing with it:

Just as not all email is spam, not all popups are an unwelcome intrusion. Opening a new window to display the information I have asked for its not an inherently malicious behavior.

But disabling popups in the browser (even with an option to re-enable them on a per-site or per-use basis) is not a real solution... and as convenient as it is to do this, I encourage a different approach... at least insofar as the only mildly egregious uses are concerned.

When you're the victim of an unsolicited and unwarranted popup ... and it's possible to tell which site is responsible for the popup, don't do business with them... and let the business know why they're not getting your business.

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