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While shopping for a replacement dishwasher, I went to Orchard Supply Hardware. For those not familiar with this chain, it's a home center chain that was purchased a couple of years ago by Sears. As a result, their products include the Craftsman and Kenmore brands.

To be sure, their selection of appliances is very limited, but they had a dishwasher that had the features we were looking for. It was a Kenmore and the price was under $200. However, Orchard Supply didn't offer delivery.

I jotted down the model number, drove about two miles up the road to Sears, and was trapped by a sales drone who couldn't help but inquire as to what features we wanted in a dishwasher. I told him we wanted this model.

So he proceeded to search for that model. Not available. OK, what's the problem here? Did I copy the model number down wrong? Is Orchard Supply selling an out-of-production model? What???? The salesman really just left us to assume that we had the model number wrong.

After great dissatisfaction with the way things went at Sears, we wound up buying at another store. But when I returned to Orchard Supply, I verified I had the right model number.

But Sears makes the following offer:

Buy Kenmore at SEARS
Available only at Sears. Free
Delivery and we'll match any price

Huh? What's that mean?

  1. Available only at Sears? It's their own brand, so that makes sense, except that some Kenmore models aren't available at all at Sears.
  2. We'll match any price? How can you match a price if it's available only at Sears?
  3. Free delivery? When you get to the web site, it actually states:

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