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This page relates to the following restaruant:

La Fiesta Restaurant
240 Villa St
Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone: 650-968-1364

Why I think this is a ripoff:

I went to La Fiesta with a group of about 15 people.

We ordered 4 1-liter pitchers of margaritas. Pitchers of margaritas were listed on the menu at $17.75 each.

The server asked if we wanted "good stuff".

What's a person to say? "No, we want the sucky margaritas"?

We ordered another two pitchers, not bothering to ask about the cost of margaritas that don't suck.

When the bill finally came, the charge was for $143.10. The explanation was that the pitchers of good stuff were $23.85 a piece. When I asked about where that price was on the menu, I was advised that the price was based on 3 "Dr. Agave" margaritas at $7.95 a piece.

Basically, the food is priced reasonably... or at least, the price is on the menu. But with so many Mexcian restaurants around, why patronize one that rips people off?

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OK, give me a break!

There's nothing wrong with the food that La Fiesta serves, nor with the ambience, or the service. Even the rest rooms are satisfactory (or at least the men's room). But "satisfactory" describes this place pretty precisely. The food is generic "Mexcian restaurant"... tacos, tostadas, burritos, chimichangas, etc., tossed on a plate with rice and beans. Absolutely nothing special about the food. Our only complaint is that the Margaritas that don't suck, which aren't anything special, are overpriced.

We can find our tacos and Margaritas somewhere else. It's "sayonara", not "hasta luego", to La Fiesta.

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