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Lake Shore Publishers Service (LSPS)
aka Allied Publishing Service Inc
aka American Consumer Publishing Association Inc (ACPA)
aka Associated Publishers Subscription Services
aka Consumer Publishing Association Inc
aka Global Publication Service web search for Global Publication Service aka Global Publication Services
aka Magazine Billing Network
aka Publishers Billing Exchange web search for Publishers Billing Exchange
aka Orbital Publishing Group
aka Publishers Consolidated Subscription Services
aka Publishers Marketplace of America
aka Publishers Services Exchange
aka Publishers Services Network
aka United Publishers Network

216 Lemmon Drive, PMB 357, Reno, NV 89506
355 Industrial Circle, White City, OR 97503-1096
5315 N. Clark St. #313, Chicago, IL 60640-2113
PO Box 502580, San Diego, CA 92150
773-989-0600 (obsolete - reassigned to Family Properties)
541-774-9401 (disconnected)
541-826-2296 announcement says changed to 541-857-5089 (ACPA)
941-921-2088 (Global Publication Services)
941-923-5961 (Global Publication Services)
fax: 541-774-9171

We received a mailing from Lake Shore Publishers Service regarding a subscription to Rosie Magazine. Instead of including the usual cover letter and full-color brochure telling how great the magazine is and what a fantastic deal this is, it included only a payment envelope and a statement indicating the "total amount", the "installment" amount, and a "please return by" date. It also indicated that this was for a 36 issue 3 year subscription at a 49% savings off the cover price.

Their legal folks made sure that it doesn't say invoice, amount due or payment due by, as those would have resulted in a clear violation of postal regulations. Instead, they label the statement as a SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL / NEW ORDER OFFER.

On the back of the notice (on the portion which you are expected to return with your payment) is the following notice:

We are an independent magazine clearinghouse agent. We handle over 600 magazine titles and act as an independent subscription agent between the magazine publishers and clearinghouses in order to facilitate sales and service. As an agent we do not necessarily have a direct relationship with the publishers or publications that we offer. This is a magazine subscription offer not a bill or invoice. You are under no obligation to either buy a magazine or renew at this time. However, your business is greatly appreciated.

Renewals will start after your current subscription has expired. If ordering, you may cancel only if we receive written notification within 2 weeks after receipt of your payment. After that time frame, please call customer service to exchange your subscription order for another magazine. New subscribers please allow 6 to 12 weeks for delivery to commence. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about other magazine quotes please call the number listed on the front side of this offer. Again, thank you.

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