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Natural Choice USA

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There are a plethora of pages on the internet about the vending machine business opportunity known as Natural Choice USA.

Many of them state that this is some kind of amazing fantastic way to improve your finances and your lifestyle. That's what Antares Corporation claims as well. In a sense, it's true... the Natural Choice USA program is a fantastic money-making opportunity... for Antares Corporation.

Here's a great example of how they play this game...

One of the sites with good things to say about the Natural Choice USA program is You might be familiar with the name "Consumers Digest". Like the better-known Consumer Reports, Consumers Digest provides ratings about various products.

But the web site has no connection to either Consumer Reports or Consumers Digest.

Although the bottom of the home page indicates that it's copyrighted by ConsumerDigest Inc., we'll have to guess which state it's incoporated in, because when we click on the "Privacy Policy" link, we're given an address of:

Consumer Relations
123 Main Street

You read that right! "123 Main Street", Anytown, Anystate. Woo hoo!

However, you can get information about this domain from the "whois" database, which shows that the administrative contact is Dimitri Yazbak of Irvine, California... and if you google his name, you'll come across a web page at which states, in relevant part:

The Natural Choice program was designed to be an easily managed business. Now, thanks to "Windows Vending Software" written by Antares programmer, Dimitri Yazbek, the life of a Natural Choice distributor is even easier.

So Dimitri Yazbak, an employee of Antares Corporation, the promoter of the Natural Choice USA business opportunity, runs the web site at, which, intentionally gives the impression that it provides unbiased information on businesses, but in fact merely touts his employer's business opportunity.

That, as one radio commentator says, is the rest of the story.

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