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This is the page that would not be read at Ski Hash 2004.

... ing against his hot nuts as his whole body trembled. She kept up her swift, sliding strokes for a few moments more, then suddnely [sic] released her tongue.

"What's on tap now?" he asked curiously.

"A neat little rim job. Are you interested?"

"That's like asking me if I'm interested in breathing," he laughed. "You know I am."

"Then let's stay with it. I really want to turn you on, honey. I know what makes you tick. I know what brings you satisfaction. I'm gonna give you that satisfaction."

"Then go ahead, baby. You're getting the green light to do anything you want to."

Patty reached out and ever so fondly let her fingers plunge against Curt's ass cheeks. She pushed and squeezed with both hands, holding on ever so vigorously. As her fingers kept on moving against his ass cheeks, Patty zeroed in on his asshole. He extended his legs ever so slightly, his body rocking back and forth.

"Give me some of that sweet ass sucking," he said. "Come on, baby, make with the rim job. Suck out my ass. Come on, darling. Suck ass, sweetheart. Really suck my asshole."

Patty worked her tongue conscientiously inside of her lover's asshole. She started out slowly, but ever so gradually the pace continued to build. Pretty soon she was letting her tongue slide and stab with every ounce of determination and joy as it pushed inside of his asshole. She kept right on stroking, working her tongue with firmness, slic-

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