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Cagey Consumer's Good Deals on Phone Service

Other Long Distance Companies

The Long Distance Rate Calculator helps make people aware that finding a good rate plan doesn't have to be difficult -- many people may find that they can get a better rate plan from the same company they're currently using!

But plans available from companies not included in the Long Distance Rate Calculator are also worthy of your consideration. Listed below are selected companies offering long distance service. Please check out their online information to decide if their offerings meet your needs.

Other Long Distance Rate Comparison Services

Our long distance rate calculator compares only a handful of rate plans. The links below include rate calculators that accept detailed information about your calls, including the locations you call, the time of day of each call, and the length of each call. This information is used to calculate the rates using a database of various rate plans. This doesn't mean that you'll find rates that beat those featured on the Cagey Consumer rate calculator, because they don't include some of the rate plans we use. In any case, they are included here for your amusement.

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