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Here's the guarantee provide by MK Supplements for their MaxxLength product:
The product will need to be returned in the original packing carton along with packing slim, intact and unaltered. The customer must provide proof of purchase, full payment information and authorized reason for said return. Once all of the above procedures have been met and approved, MK Supplements will limit said refund to the purchaser based on the original purchase price, less the original shipping fee.

The shipping fee is $9.95, certainly more than enough to cover the cost of production and still provide a workable profit for them. But it already sounds like they're looking for excuses not to make good on their guarantee.

If the product(s) has not been used, it must be returned within 20 days of the original purchase date, together with a short note stating "what" is being returned, and "why" it is being returned; or

You have to provide a reason even if the product is returned unopened, and even though they're still holding on to that $9.95 shipping fee. How consumer-friendly!

If the products has been used, it must be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date, together with a "Refund Request" letter detailing the procedure followed during product use, and "why" you are dissatisfied with the product's performance. Upon receiving the product and the above mentioned letter, a refund will be issued to the original credit card at time of purchase. Any feedback or complaint accompanying the "Refund Request" letter will promptly be reviewed by our Quality Assurance Department as part of our continuous customer service program to insure complete customer satisfaction.

Huh? They want a detailed description of the procedure followed? So they can decide that you didn't precisely follow their instructions and use that as an excuse to deny your refund? And what's with the "complete customer satisfaction" nonsense? It's kind of hard to do that if they're denying refunds.

Exclusions: "If after careful considerations and review of the request and MK Supplements determines that product guideline and recommendations were not followed or adhered to, MK Supplements shall reserve the rights to nullify the aforementioned refund policy"

Nullify the refund policy, will they? Wouldn't "refuse to honor the refund policy" be a bit more accurate? Maybe it's time to nullify your purchase. Before you send in any money for this product, maybe you should ask them what their instructions are... like, what are you supposed to do if it you get sick every time you take the product? Are you supposed to keep taking it anyway? In other words, their policy could be that you must continue taking their product even if it makes you sick, so if you stop taking it, they won't refund your money. Doh!

Obviously, MK Supplements represents that they offer a money-back guarantee, but when you read between the lines, it's easy to see that there's less to this guarantee than there first appears to be. But that shouldn't be a surprise to anybody who's familiar with the charges by the FDA that there is a lack of reasonable basis for many of the claims made about their supplements.

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