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Magazine Sales Scams

Most magazine subscription scams fit neatly into one of three categories, depending on how contact with the customer is made:

  1. telemarketing
  2. field sales
  3. direct mail

Techniques that may be encountered in any of these approaches include:

Although the scam is that people are enticed into buying something based on misrepresentations of savings, gifts, and appeals to help out a worthy person, one of the common complaints is non-delivery... but the industry standard time before a non-delivery complaint can be processed is 90 days. While many publishers do much better than this, it's likely that many of the non-delivery complaints are simply due to the lead time that a lot of publishers require to get that first copy to you.

hazards and abusive practices of field sales

magazine scams: telemarketing

magazine scams: field sales

magazine scams: direct mail

hazards and abusive practices of field sales

more pages about magazine scams

trade publications

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