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Magazine Service

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dba name for Increase Publications LLC
aka NR & Associates
aka I.N.C. & Associates

address: P. O. Box 261, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034
address: 6990 West 38th Avenue #200, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
address: P. O. Box 1544, Wheat Ridge, CO 80034
7450 West 52nd Ave. #M197, Arvada, CO 80002
principal: James C. Stanitz Jr.
phone: 800-831-8388

This company does outbound telemarketing for subscriptions for which it has knowledge that the consumer may have subscribed to a particular magazine. On the phone, they identify themselves with the generic name "Magazine Service".

Part of their sales pitch is to claim that the consumer has been added to the preferred customer file, as a courtesy to protect the consumer against future price increases. They represent that they will call consumers to offer them a "good deal".

In at least one case, they represented that the publisher was "getting ready" to raise the subscription rates. They state that they "work directly" through the magazine publisher and that they "enter the order with the publisher.

They will attempt to obtain a credit card number or checking account number for billing purposes, but they will "direct bill" (i.e. send an invoice) if the customer insists.

They attempt to give the impression that they have been specifically contracted by the publisher to perform this outbound telemarketng, but a call to the publisher for one of the magazines they were marketing indicated this was not the case.

In the one instance I have knowledge of, the subscription price they offered was competitive (actually a significantly lower per-issue price than the publisher was offering) and I have no reason to believe that they would not have fulfilled the subscription.

The invoice I received came from "NR & Associates", with no mention of the "Magazine Service" name they used during the call. I called to cancel about a week after they sent the invoice and there was no problem.

So far as I know, this company is:

On the other hand, they're not being upfront about who they are and making some statements that aren't completely accurate. I wish they could figure out a way to run their business without using such techniques, because otherwise, their business practices seem to generally be pretty honorable.

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