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You mention the other company with the $561 commission check. How much did you have to sell for that check? (It would only take $1122 in Mary Kay which is usually as little as 4 classes) You also failed to mention the fact that while you may have only recieved a $450 check from Mary Kay that was in adiition to your sales from your products. To be fair you need to add your sales for each month to the amount that you recieved for commissions. I am sure that it was much more than $561!!

I'd also like to know if the other company pays you for selling your products and for recruiting or does your commission increase If and only If you recruit. If you have found another company that pays 50% commissions on sales and an extra check for recruiting, please share that information. I am sure there would be a lot of interest!!!!!

I,m sorry you are thousands of dollars in debt, but the only one too blame is YOU. Your a big girl and know how to make up your own mind. You got your self into it try selling the product. linked from Mary Kay Opinions web search for Mary Kay Opinions

Hi there,

I too have finally come to the relaization that it was me my team that was keeping my director in her car. Now that my team has come to the same realization my director is scrambling. I starting working with another company and in the first month I made a $561 commission check in Mary Kay my highest check was $450. Every month in Mary Kay you start over in this other company they take out the middle man so we don't stock inventory, so there is no need for deliveries, or the dreaded paper work, I feel so stupid for trying to make this work after 6 years. Anyway, I am blessed God brought a better opportunity. I am thousands of dollars in debt due to Mary Kay and I am telling my consultants to not order and not worry about being active. We are all trading amongst ourselves so we can get out of debt.

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