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I just wanted to add my 2 cents too. This is the 3rd time I am trying to sell Mary Kay and it's still hard for me to get sales. Thank God, I never ordered the volumes my directors wanted. I only ordered skincare for my iventory and only the Timewise basically whatever I would use. It seems like they are all behind me to order the inventory but it seemed like everytime I turned around MK Legal was calling me telling me that they wanted me to remove my on-line ad from any on-line free ad or wedding page. Then I would get put down by my director for creating a news ad for a newsletter. It seemed to me that advertising in the community newsletters on the internet was working for me but then Mary Kay Corporation was against that because it was not within their guidelines. Then they were against putting cut out coupons in the paper because it would put anther consultant on the spot and cause her the loss of a sale if she did not want to honor my little 20%discount. Yould would think they would be happy to make 30% profit on a sale I was offering. She wouldn't have had the sale if it wasn't for my ad.

To me the Mary Kay might work for some of us part-timers if they operated like Avon. Avon has a cart in one of our local malls. Avon lets their reps advertise on the internet or at least they are doing it without flack. I even got an opportunity to do a local town talk show where I could demo Mary Kay and Corp put a stop to that by saying that we don't all tv or radio ads. I would of been a way to improve my sales and maybe help out other ladies out there too. This was an opportunity that fell into and out of my lap real fast. I think when it comes down to it Mary Kay is only supportive when it comes to encouraging you to buy their inventory and get new recruits. It's really hard to get customers when a lot of women have been scared away from the Product due to pushy uncaring Mary Kay consultant who are more concerned with earning the cars than the customers skin. The reason I joined Mary Kay in the first place was so that I could order just for personal use and my friends' personal use so we would not have to deal with pushy and uncaring mk reps. Then I decided to branch out and help other women avoid the pushy Mary Kay lady. You know if these directors and other push reps don't wake up and look what they are doing pretty soon Mary Kay will be deceased just like its founder. I know many of you don't sound like you liked the products bu I have been using it for 20 years and I like their TW skincare and will continue to use their product even if I quit. It's just sad to see women run when they see a Mary Kay booth at a festival or home show because they had a bad experience with a previous Mary Kay woman or lost a lot of money due to a pushy director over eager for her next level.

But if someone were interested in selling the Product. I would tell them. If you sell it only order the minimum $400 retail order and order more when 50% of that is gone. And don't waste your money on attending the meetings, but if you must go once a month? Or get with a couple of people from your team and network on marketing ideas. If the meetings are so important than why hold them at some fancy hotel conference room each week. If I were a director I would hold them at my home and they would be free for my team. Isn't more important to share the information than spend a lot of money on holding weekly meetings? Replace this text with your comments.

MariisaPerez web search for MariisaPerez - 12 Jan 2004

Wendy: Marissa, I just sent you an email. I have some really good ideas for you to get some "leads". I have run a few ads in the paper but they do have to be approved because of the trademark on Mary Kay's name and some other things. One of the biggies is MK doesn't want us to have an advertised sale, either through the paper or online, that will draw other consultants customers to you. It's a way to protect the relationship they already have with their consultant. Let's face it, customers may be fickle if they see 20% off and their consultant isn't running a sale at that point in time. Anyways, I have many, many, many ideas for you of what I do that is okay with Mary Kay and I would like to share it with you. It sounds like you want to build and I can help you out. I emailed you so call me collect or just call and I will call you back immediately because I have free long distance. This is what I LOVE to do...I love to give ideas of how to build your business!!! Can you tell I'm excited? P.S. You may not be interested either and that's okay but it just seemed you were searching for some avenues of building. P.P.S. That is corporate Avon in the Malls. They are not sales reps or at least the ones that were here are not sales reps. We approached one once and they said they were hiring people to work there and upon inquiry, it was corporate. Avon will sell directly to the consumer but MK won't because they won't infringe on that relationship. Tupperware was also being sold in Target and I don't know if it is any longer but that was a biggie when that came out too. MK wants their consultants to be successful and they have been asked to put their products in the Malls but will not do it. That says something for this company. Wendy T.

This message is for Wendy T. My name is Thomasine and I am an Independent Sales Rep with Avon. The carts in the mall are owned by representatives. They are called Licensed Avon Beauty Centers or LABC's. I am in the process of opening one myself. You have to choose the location, come up with the financing, get licensing, and staff the cart any way you see fit. This can be with family, friends, members your downline, employees or yourself. You just have to follow Federal employment guidelines. It is your own retail business. If that representative wants to give up that location, Avon can then make a decision if they will let another Rep take over the location, run it themselves or close it down. The beauty of this location, is that you can sell Avon products in a retail setting where you can move more product, but you can also give brochures to all your customers or people passing by, and they can order items that you can not sell from that cart, like all of the trademark items such as Disney toys, Bally exercise products, etc. I made the best decision by becomg a Rep for Avon and I only had to sepnd $10 to start my business. I do not to attend weekly meetings, hold skin care classes nor do I have any inventory. I have the bcking of a Fortune 500 company, (check the stocks) and there is a District Sales Manager who is an employee of the company and is there for training and support. She is not a rep, so she does not get a percentage of what I sell. If you want to know more, or have questions or comments, my E-mail is user TommieLee2000? at domain

Wendy: I don't dispute that because I don't inquire everytime I see the carts, which is not frequently because I dislike shopping and malls. I did however just talk to a gal at one of those booths about 2 weeks ago when I was at a Mall set up with my MK table for a Thursday-Sunday (we don't sell of course, just get names and book appointments) and I asked her if she was a rep and she wasn't, she worked for Avon and maybe that's why there was so much inventory there. Do they do it different in different states or is it just that someone couldn't keep up the booth because of expenses and like you said, Avon may have taken it over? I have a good friend who sells Avon and I don't get in a frazzle about the Avon vs. Mary Kay thing because you seem to find customers who are loyal to either one or the other or do a bit of both. Most Avon reps and Mary Kay consultants I know see it as 2 different businesses and you have to base it on what you want in a business and how you want to run that business. I agree with that 100% I buy Avon bubble bath stuff and other cute things they have and my Avon friend buys some MK makeup and perfume! I applaud you for going forward with building that Avon business you have Tommie. I may tell my friend about this. She just quit her job and is doing Avon and Parytlite to replace the income and stay home with her kids but I don't think she could staff the booth right now and she wants to be home so she couldn't work it herself! If she has questions, I will have her email you. Bravo to you Tommie! Wendy

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